What Japanese talent could make it in WWE?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. Out of a purely hypothetical perspective. Are there any particular Japanese talent that you could see make it in WWE if given the chance? Discuss.

    For starters I think Kazuchika Okada could do it. He has the size, look and skills to do it. Plus he speaks English fairly well doesn't he?

    Akira Tozawa could also become a successful midcard heel. He knows how to play the cards. Has the ring skills and he knows how to play an excellent heel.
  2. None..

    Tajiri, Funaki, Jimmy Wang Yang, Yoshi Tatsu, all wasted.

    WWE does't dig Japanese wrestlers for some reason. They may be great and all, but #WWELogic.
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  3. Japanese wrestlers are always stereotyped and put into that comedy role in wwe.
  4. To be honest, I realy think that they did the best they could with Tajiri. I mean, from all the Japanese who went to the WWE, he is the only one who was used (a bit) correctly. He was a Hardcore Champion, and he also won the Cruiserweight championship. He was the only one who was taken (kind of) seriously by the WWE.
  5. In WWE? No one. Why? Because casual American fans don't give a shit about Japanese culture or wrestling.

    Indy scene is the only place where Japanese guys can make it, because those feds are based on local, underground, hardcore and/or IWC fanbases. That's why KENTA, DG guys and Morishima had a big success in ROH.
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