What justifies a main event push in your opinion?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. What, in your opinion, do you need to be pushed into the ME? I was just curious as a lot of us recently have being saying Ryback deserves his ME push - and what has he really got? He's over with the fans (even that's somewhat debatable) and he's got an awesome look and cool impact moves...that's about it really. So that left me wondering, what things do you think a wrestler actually needs to deserve a push?
  2. Skill, wrestling ability, the look, power, mic skills, charisma, cardio, heart for the business, background, experience, flexibility.

    That's about it IIRC.
  3. To me its...
    1.) Wrestling Ability
    2.) Mic Skills
    3.) The Crowd Pull
    4.) The Look

    Yes, in that order.
  4. It's interesting that you bring up Ryback, because it's a love/hate thing. You either get users saying "Yes, he deserves this push" or "No, he's a Goldberg wannabe, go away" - it certainly isn't unanimous.

    What justifies a main event talent? Look, mic skills, wrestling ability (but not so much any more), charisma; basically anyone with talent.
  5. To be pushed the guy needs to have ring skill, charisma, look, mic skills, and Jose mentioned cardio, experience and love for the business, nice points as well. If he has this things (or most of them and is protected by not using the others, such as a monster worker with a manager to speak for him when he can't for example) he can be pushed, and if he gets over with the fans, boom.
  6. The ability to captivate the crowd on that level first and foremost in my opinion.
  7. Charisma/Overness/Heat
  8. Being over, it's a simple as that. I don't care if you can work, speak or whatever else if people care about you then you deserve your push. Will I be happy with it? Probably not but I'll accept they've deserved it.
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  9. Someone that is consistently over with the crowd and can carry a match.
  10. Here is my list:
    1.Wrestling Skills
    2.Excel On the Mic.
    3.Keeping your character interesting
    5.Being over with the crowd a lot.
    6.The look
    7.The confidence
  11. In my personal opinion it's all about in ring ability but it's up to Vince not me :sad:
  12. Being the most over guy (or one of the most over guys) in the company, since the crowd reacting to you means they will pay to see you (or see you lose, if you're a heel), which means you can draw money. Wrestling is a business, it's all about making money. The most important qualities that a wrestler can have that will get them over is charisma/personality/gimmick, combined with a marketable look. All the top guys got over by having these. Wrestling skill, unfortunately, is the least important of these, although if you're unsafe to work with, that could halt your push substantially.
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