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  1. *The camera cuts to a white room, there is no sign of anyone inside the room, the camera shows the Iron Man Championship sitting on the floor, there is a sound of a door opening, it shows a man wearing a black long sleeved shirt and black joggers*
    ???: We all have something inside of us, it can be a gift...or a curse.
    *The camera shows the man walking to the Iron Man title*
    ???: But whether we like it or not, we should accept the fact..that it's there.
    *The camera rises to show JJ Colton standing in front of the title*
    JJ Colton: There was a question that people ask me before, How do I bring out my inner beast?
    *Colton starts to grab the title*
    JJ Colton: It's simple, I use it when the time is right, I use it when my back is against the wall, but most importantly...
    *Colton starts to transform into a face painted version of himself as he holds the title*
    JJ Colton: I use it when something is on the line, something that makes me stronger, something that will bring out the best in me, something that keeps me going.
    *A crash of thunder is heard throughout the room as Colton raises the title in the air*