What keeps you coming back here?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by seabs, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. Pretty bored, so what makes you delightful people log into WWEforums every day if you do?
  2. Crayo's sexy body.
  3. Hoping one day one member might show a picture of their penis and breasts.
  4. PM me. :boss1:
  5. The community and discussions which I wouldn't usually have.
  6. That is true. No other forum goes as off topic as this forum can. Everyone makes me laugh.
  7. it distracts me from my depression
  8. :jericho::otunga::obama::pity::burns::jeritroll::cool::rock::boss::flair::win::emoji_stuck_out_tongue:iper::tyson::russo::baws::sonnen::eddie::yay::gusta::jbl::cole::charlie::cornette::fap:
  9. The fact that I can share and talk to other wrestling fans who are as passionate as me, and get a laugh at Randy Savage.

    But in all seriousness the fact that I was here from the start and I've seen the forum progress so much and it's like my baby.

  10. I don't know people in real life who like wrestling..
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  11. Brazzers account in the legend section.
  12. [​IMG]
    Your dream has now come true.
  14. :isee:
  15. :gusta:
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  16. Breaking the rules there lad.
    No legend forum discussion/revelation in public.

    Even on your own forum, fella!
  17. The people. :]]
  18. Well, if it's his forum, he can do whatever he wants.
  19. What keeps me coming here is the awesome people, conversations and news that we have.
  20. This is Xanth you are talking to though.
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