What keeps you interested right now?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Oct 4, 2015.

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  1. This is not a troll thread or anything. I have found myself enjoying some parts of PPV's here and there but haven't been able to really get back into the wwe yet. I watched it a lot growing up and really liked it then, not sure what happened. I will be tuning into Raw and such here and there to see what is going on with the story line.

    But what honestly keeps you watching week in and week out? Are you like me where you only watch it periodically or do you follow it each week and know all the wrestlers and story lines happening right now?
  2. Self-loathing
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  3. I stopped watching regularly around 2012 due to work and RAW being 3 hours. Speaking of which, I don't watch the product anymore, just read results and see a clip here or there.

    Idk if they revert back to 2 hours I might watch but nothing is catching my attention. Speaking of which they need to end The Authority.
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  4. Ya know that kinda turned me off as well. 3 hours is too damn much. Maybe that is part of the reason I can't get into it.
  5. The fact that I have no life and need something to look forward to after school.
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  6. Looking forward to Leo C replying to my reviews. :haha:

    Seriously though, I've been enjoying Smackdown as of late, so for that I'll answer "Because I'm liking the show". NXT there's a lot of things.
    Raw... I'm more intrigued by my recent recap reading telling me more about the stories than actually watching the show does... and witnessing the psychologically damaging effects on others of 3 hours of Raw
  7. Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Kane again.
  8. New Day. They're easily the absolute best part of RAW every week. If it wasn't for them, Lesnar and Heyman (and Rollins and KO), I wouldn't be watching at all.
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  9. KO

    Seth title reign, although the screwed up a lot - some feuds are ruined with Seth, but overall I'm enjoying his journey as WWEWHC.

    Brock - how can this guy not be fun to wAtch in almost any capacity?

    New day - golden

    Cenawins - jk

    Reigns - I'm actually starting to enjoy reigns a lot more. But, I do feel that he needs to turn heel. He naturally would work better that way. And, although the Wyatt and shield feud is basically dead in my eyes, I do want to see bray and reigns fight inside HIAC... Give them the proper amount of time and it could be great.

    NXT - almost everything

    I still watch, too, for those moments, which aren't very often, where you mark out. The most recent one I can think of is when the dudleys came back. It's moments like those that give me goosebumps and I highly think it's worth watching the product.
  10. Oh yeah, I forgot New Day. Best part of Raw most weeks :bige:
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  11. Haven't made it through an entire RAW in months. Idk, wrestling is just pretty stagnant right now. If it weren't for The New Day/random Lesnar appearances I'd probably not even tune in to start with. New Day feuding with the Dudleyz is already getting old, though. Their nostalgic haze wore off after their third failed defense for me.
  12. It doesn't help everyone I like isn't doing anything worthwhile either.

    Besides The New Day remark I said earlier, Ambrose is just a backdrop for the Reigns/Wyatt feud, Reigns is feuding with Wyatt as mentioned, Rusev is in a prolonged rivalry with Ziggler, Cesaro is back to his old spot, Kevin is in championship limbo right now, and the same goes for Cena. Probably forgetting a few people but w/e.

    NXT has still been up to par at least, as far as the WWE goes.
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  13. It's mostly habitual for me. Barring a 4-5 year hiatus, I've been watching pretty consistently since 1996, so part of me is just accustomed to keeping up with the product even when I'm not particularly invested in much of what's going on. I don't even bother sitting through 90% of Raw these days. I just usually skim through all the matches (only bothering to watch the endings) and watch only the segments. I almost never bother to watch Smackdown anymore at all.

    Outside of that, there's still talent I love seeing - Brock Lesnar, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, The New Day, Rusev, Roman Reigns (kind of), etc. - but the show is pretty stale and directionless right now and there's other shit I can do to keep myself busy and entertained than sitting through three straight hours of a show that I don't even like.
  14. Funny you mention the show being stale but still like Rusev. He's lost any and all momentum as a heel imo.
  15. Rusev's been royally fucked after the Cena feud.
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  16. I don't see Rusev as stale at all. If anything, he's showing what it means to be human.
    Rusev faced rejection from Lana and has, accordingly, acted small and petty.
    When people are dumped they don't feel empowered and often have to step back and reassess their own priorities.

    I can't recall the last time I've seen a WWE character actually roll out on live tv and act like a human being instead of a f*cking cartoon.
  17. Jesus, I thought the rusev angle was the one thing everyone agreed on. There's absolutely nothing redeemable about that shit other than the matches themselves.
  18. Just Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar.. Everyone else pisses me off.
  19. Well, he's stuck in a dead-end feud, but he's also shown (especially on Twitter, where he keeps it kayfabe) that he possesses a good deal of comedic talent. He's proven to me he has more dimensions to him and is capable of being more than just an Evil Foreigner.
  20. Seth Rollins. Money money money.

    Also just watching the PPVs have made me enjoy the product a whole lot more.
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