What kind of gimmick can we expect from Punk?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. Now immediately everyone that read the title and clicked to come into this thread probably did with the intention of saying he'll have something similar to last year's MITB, but is it just me that could maybe see him developing a darker gimmick? Seeing that epic NoC poster suggests to me that they'll maybe have him become obsessed by the fact he doesn't get the attention that Cena and Rock do, meaning he will become almost psychotic.

    I'm still predicting that he will just become a more heel version of last summer's Punk but just thought I would throw that one out there.

    What's everyone else expecting?
  2. I'd save a more "intense" character for Ambrose, since he'll (probably) debut soon. I could see a character similar to last year's, which wouldn't be that nice, but I think it's what they're going with. Or generic cocky heel, since they like doing that.
  3. I think you're right on what Punk will end up with, I maybe do see him just being completely obsessed with beating the rock. He seemed to really enjoy hearing that headline on Raw from rock during thier promo, and he will want to prove he has always been better and is done taking a backseat to both him and cena main eventing.
  4. I think he will become more darker. More heelish than his SES run.
  5. Punk becoming obsessed with being better than Rock could be great, for some reason him attacking Rock on a film set would be epic IMO.
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  6. No psychotic stuff please, that's where Ambrose comes in. I want a smart sophisticated wrestler -- like he is now -- to be pissed off at everything and everyone in the company. Yes it's similar to last year but what's the problem with that?
  7. It got him cheered last time, it could be a viscous cycle to speak where he goes back to pandering within a year.
  8. I don't think that's an issue. He will be cheered constantly by his smark fanbase. But did you notice him on RAW with Rock? He was a face but when he cut that promo on the Rock he was boo'd. Let him do this, be cheered/boo'd like he was last time, but don't change him back to a face. Keep the heel angle going, keep cutting promos on Rocky even if he's not there. That'll deter some of the smarks away.
  9. A stale fucking one. Stale, like his championship. FUCKING STALE.
  10. Idk how his character will turn out. He wasnt that bad as a face as some of the typical over analysing smarks make it out to be. It has become a habit to boo the faces and cheer the heels.

    Eitherway, hes most probably loosing the championship to rock. Cena will then prob cash in the MITB contract against the Rock at Wrestlemania, which will make it Rock vs Cena II, and let Cena get even with the Rock.

    Punk might face Tripple H or Steve Austin at Wrestlemania.

    But then Brock gets left out. It could vs Punk vs Austin and Tripple H vs Brock. But honestly i dont see the whole HHH vs Brock feud carrying on till wrestlemania, that will be dragging it too long.

    Maybe Taker vs Brock?

    Tbh im still hoping for a heel stable to start, with Lesner as the leader. I would say Lesner, Punk, Big Show, Y2J.
    HHH about to beat Lesner at Summerslam, when Punk / Bigshow comes and helps out Lesner. Then they form the stable and recruit Y2J too. Heyman as manager will be great. It could be like NWO2, Lesner claiming the show to be his, the whole stable wrecking havoc destroying every superstar.
    Then at Wrestlemania Tripple H forms his own team to fight against them. HHH, HBK, and The Brothers Of Darkness?

    Maybe inside a steel Cage?

    Eitherway, im pretty sure Rock vs Cena 2 is going to happen at wrestlemania, and cena is going to get even with rock by winning the championship from him. Unless Rock still has an year after wrestlemania in his contract left.
  11. This is what I stated in another thread:

    Although the idea that he could become darker in general is also somewhat cool. I would say the fact that he's been playing second fiddle to Cena on PPVs could become part of his heel turn, but that seems too similar to his 'shoot' last year, and would only lead to him getting cheered again, most likely.
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