What kinda Cat are you?

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  1. Take the quiz and post your results!


    I got :

    You got: Indoor Cat
    Everyone loves you even though you want your space sometimes. You’re introverted for the most part but will tolerate those you love and give them the affection they absolutely need. You’re a daydreamer, mainly because you can daydream from the comfort of a plush couch.

    And :stfu: you can never have too many cat threads. :tough:
  2. What Kind Of Cat Are You?
    1. You got: Munchkin
      You are adorable and maybe the sweetest person you know. Sometimes you get scared of big things but you can pull out that bravery when you need it. Your spunky personality makes you an asset to any environment!

    Does this make me gay?
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  3. I LOL'd at the bottom sentence. :lol1:
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  5. You got: Ragdoll
    You employ the motto “Go with the flow” to most of your activities. You’re down to earth and are open to new experiences, so far as you don’t have to put in too much effort. You probably give the best hugs, and that’s downright magical.
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  6. You got: Feral
    So, you can be a little rough around the edges, but it’s all part of your charm. You have so much love to give but sometimes have a hard time trusting others with your heart. (Who can blame you? The world can be rough.) However, you make the most loving and loyal companion once you establish trust, and that is invaluable.

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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. You got: Scottish Fold
    Are you a dog? Basically, you are outgoing and cheerful and love having a good time. Yeah, you have your introvert moments (who doesn’t??), but that doesn’t mean you don’t love experiencing life at its fullest! Your mix of introvert and extrovert makes you empathetic, drawing all kinds of people to you.
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  9. lol you're all pussies :pipebomb:
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  10. You're just jealous you don't give magical hugs.
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  11. I'm the cat that owners find banging their domesticated cats in the living room.
  12. Munchkin? Aw damn.
  13. I'm a human. Not a furry
  14. You got: Hairless
    You love the simple things in life and this can sometimes make you misunderstood. You’re actually really sweet, which can make it infuriating when people judge you right off the bat. You keep doing you!
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  15. :gtfo: you dog lover :angry: :mad2:
  16. nah, I like most pets. I just find the idea of identifying myself with one as stupid.
  17. :badass:

    its meant for fun not to be taken seriously. I'd say your a grumpy cat. :otunga::kitler:
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    identifying with an animal is "fun"?

    I struggle to see the fun in quizzes like what animal are you. If it was a quiz like what historical figure are you I'd see it. But trying to identify with an animal comes off as weird to me.

    They just aired a documentary over here on a woman who claims she is a cat because she identified more with cats and it was both sad and disturbingly creepy.
  19. lol. As if this is something even remotely serious

    Sure it's dumb but jeez, like, lighten up mannnn.
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  20. I'm a *Fat* Indoor Cat?
    Me and grumpy cat say fuck this quiz. :grumpy:
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