What languages do you speak/study?

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    Since every forum is diverse, I wonder what languages you have excelled in.

    English is my primary language. I don't converse in ancient Latin (it's a dead language), but I can read and translate, though - and I'm very good at it.

    I converse with some of my Italian relatives in Italian. I have a moderate knowledge of Spanish. I'm currently taking baby-steps in learning German.
  2. I can speak some Spanish, well I sound like an idiot when I try speaking it actually but I can understand it pretty well.

  3. Me and Brit speak in tongues. :ksi:
  4. English and Portuguese fluently. A lot of Spanish, some Italian and French, tiny bit of Japanese.
  5. English and Russian with relatives. Though I can usually communicate alright because I know most of those kinds of words, I'd be helpless with reading a book because of all the descriptive words I don't know. I should get around to properly learning it :meh:
  6. I speak Engrish as well as English. Just take out ever L in a word and replace it with R.
  7. I speak American.
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  8. :facepalm:
  9. Spanish,English,French,Indonesian (Just a little little bit) German and Chinese (A little bit).

    I can understand italian and portuguese
  10. Swedish - native tongue.
    English - fluently since age 4
    German - moderately
    Spanish - moderately

    I understand Norwegian and Danish.
  11. que :pity:
  12. Conversational Spanish, sign language and a tiny bit of German
  13. I speak English, I know a fair bit of Japanese though from watching 1000+ episodes of Anime.
  14. English
  15. English (American English!)
    German (a bit only)
  16. Speak English and Ukrainian.

    Studied German and French.

    I forget most of my German and French was a requirement. It's the fake slang French, anyway. French fucking sucks.
  17. I can ask for a table for four in Spanish?
  18. Una mesaaaaa para quatro por favor.

    Kevin bridges Ryan?
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  19. English and drunk English
  20. Yes, so glad you knew that hahaha
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