What led to Kelly Kelly leaving

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  2. The source is a happy source, and I'm a happy person.
  3. I'm glad she finally left. This will probably give more room to Divas who can actually wrestle/run the ropes etc. If she wants to model or do similar stuff great, as long as she doesn't take up room in the Divas division that's already pretty bad.
  4. Is Sara Del Ray going to be training or wrestling? :otunga:
  5. Kelly Kelly: "I've sucked every dick in WWE, I think it's time for me to move on"
  6. She realized she is too popular, and too great of a wrestler to face diva's like Natalya, and Beth. She decided to go to TNA and go back to the stripper whore character she is known for.

  7. ECW I'm sorry you had to go through that :sad:
  8. Beat me to it.
    Inb4 Crayo put's this is Kelly Kelly Discussion threads.
  9. Hopefully he delete's it, now that there isn't much reason to talk about her anymore. A couple pipebomb users must have candles lit next to their computer, praying it is just because she wants to run for President.
  10. That thread will be dying soon...hopefully.
  11. It has to be destroyed. :tough:
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  12. i thought I'd be happy when this day came but now i just feel sorry for BLFFL :emoji_slight_frown:
  13. Why? :lol1: All superstars retire or move-on.
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