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  1. Bryan beat John Cena cleanly! That's fucking huge. He had so much offence, it wasn't booked as a fluke, he's the most over guy in WWE right now - something no one can legitimately say, as Cena always had that - and is a former WWE champion. He just main evented Summerslam, is the focal pint in the McMahon vs HHH feud, and is going to be in the main event with heel HHH and Orton for the foreseeable future. With Cena off, is Bryan the top dog? Has the torch perhaps been passed? Or is it shared now?

    I remember Lockard I think once saying we all overrate Bryan when we think he could replace Cena, or get that high, but last night is surely proof that WWE rank him as high as the IWC does?

  2. He's the top dog of the company for now (and an official main event star) but he isn't replacing John Cena in the long run. I consider this his Eddie Guerrero or Chris Benoit sort of moment, but he isn't gonna lead the company into a new era.
  3. He and Punk are the two top faces now that Cena/Sheamus are off and Orton has turned. Wouldn't be surprised to see them come together due to mutual respect and take on Orton/Lesnar in upcoming weeks continuing the underdog motif.
  4. Wait, you ranked Sheamus above Bryan until last night? Sheamus has slipped down a lot recently. I agree that Bryan and Punk are on the same level atm.
  5. I mean in Vince's eyes. he can't shove Sheamus in our faces atm due to injury so we will get a lot of Punk and DB, which is great. Looks like RVD and Miz will be the second level faces :eww:
  6. While Bryan and Punk are supposed to be now the top dogs. I sadly guess, we are gettin two months of HHH vs Vince. Most of the RAWs will be focused again this storyline and we wont really see Bryan as the face of the company (While Cena is gone). Orton needs a masterpiece (Or someone who can remember his lines) and that guy will be HHH. HHH will probably close the show as many times as Bryan does. Im not saying daniel Bryan wont shine, Im just saying that HHH will get a lot of air time, mic time etc..
  7. That's Cena's third clean defeat in the last five years, the last two being Rock at Wrestlemania 28 and 'Tista at Summerslam 2008.
  8. I think I've thrown this phrase around so much today that it is silly but I'm sticking by it. He's made. He's one of the top guys right now until he goes out. He won't replace Cena in the long haul since Cena will be Cena until Cena goes or they stumble upon the next big thing with mainstream appeal. He is what Edge, HBK, Guerrero, Jericho and Hardy was and Punk is. A top star who will hold down the fort when Cena is gone or they have to ween the title scene off of Cena for a while. Granted HBK was face of the company for a while during the new generation era but that was out of necessity. Bryan will be one of the company's top stars for the foreseeable future but not THE guy I think in the long run.
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  9. Daniel Bryan is still so over with the WWE Universe. Winning cleanly over John Cena will only continue to solidify him as one of the top faces of the company and support him in his feud with Orton.
  10. Bryan is definitely up there now. I'm really speculating on whether or not he could be the guy. I mean his promo skills have improved and he has the wrestling skill. I think it's a very plausible thing at this point depending on whether or not they'll destroy his momentum
  11. Daniel Bryan will not be the man to lead them into the new era. I do believe CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are in the same category though, so with that being said he's defiantly a huge face of the company.
  12. OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry:
  13. Sheamus was in mediocrity land. I agree a year ago he was there, but he's quite far down the order now imo.
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    He is a fix main eventer now. For the moment, yeah, he's the top face, but in the long run I don't think he has become THE man (as Stop said). It was just a matter of time, after all.
  15. As Cena said, Bryan is the face of WWE (and the beard). Bryan is the new Cena right now.
  16. He's a made man. For now as it stands he's the top face of the company. In the long term he'll still be a top main event star for WWE.
  17. Welcome to a further continuation of the Sesame Street era guys... its your bed, WWE universe, lie in it
  18. And we'd want a new "crude, rude and dirty" attitude era why? If the show is PG or TV14 doesn't equate to its quality. Its writing does.
  19. No... but when the WWE universe is a bunch of women and children, the credibility is equivalent to Sesame Street... yet you all people do is pour more gas on the fire

    My point isn't that you're accepting Daniel Bryan, but that you are further perpetuating the stereotype that this is the guy you want leading the company

    The IWC should want innovation and change yet Bryan will do nothing but the opposite... not to mention size always lacks credibility no matter how you slice it
  20. Because stuff like this is innovative...

    I just think you're hating for the sake of hating.

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