What made TNA garner your interest?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by CM Punk, Mar 19, 2013.

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    What made TNA stand out to you, to make you watch it?

    To be honest, my dad showed it to me. He knew I watched WWE and for some reason my dad watched TNA. Anyways, when I watched it, the backstage segments were a bit corny, but it had that retro feel to it. The talent there were awesome, at the time, I think Kurt and Joe were feuding and possibly Rikishi made his debut around that time. The ring stood out and I preferred it to be honest. The Arena looked awesome and the time I watched it better. Although, I caught replays at one in the morning and so to me, it was better.

    Everything about it kind of caught my interest, stars I've seen from the 'E, future stars in the making. Everything about it made it enjoyable to me.

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  2. Honestly I took notice because of Sting & Angle.

    I saw it on Spike one time and looked it up, saw the big names and gave it a chance. Once I started watching I enjoyed the product right away and have watched ever since. This was in like late 2010 btw.
  3. That was around Hardy's heel turn, wasn't it?
  4. Yea. One of the first PPVs I can remember actually looking forward to was VR 2011 when Hardy shit the bed.

    That should have been a big turn off but for some reason it had me glued to TNA.
  5. The Bully Ray win and turn at Lockdown has gotten me into it. Plus with u guys always mentioning how good guys like Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are i was interested. Also as someone above mentions it has a retro feel which I dig. Plus Knockouts/Divas who can wrestle.
  6. My friend had a pirated Direct TV dish. I started watching right from the beginning cause he got the PPVs on it. Seeing Shamrock win the first title was interesting, but it was guys like AJ that kept me coming back.
  7. My same friend who watches Raw formerly watched TNA. She hadn't watched it in a while, but after I got into wrestling early last year so much, I was at her house one Thursday evening when we started talking about wrestling. She mentioned there was this guy she felt like I would think was hot -- Jeff Hardy. It happened to be on, so she flipped over to it. I started watching then and got more into it as the show went on. Then, I decided I needed to start watching it every week, and that's what I've done. There was so much great talent there, and I saw potential. I could tell right away I was going to love it. Now I'm a TNA mark and prefer it to WWE, and it's gotten my friend back into watching it, too. All because of some hot guy, :haha: .
  8. I knew a new company was going to appear and I watched the episodes, some were good other bad, but then I saw great wrestlers and it started to like me. Since then, I still watching it, I've never missed any episode
  9. I watched 20 mins of one show and heard about in 2004, but I had no real interest in it then.

    Then 2007 came around and I saw Kurt Angle vs. Jay Lethal for the X Title and I was hooked forever since. Especially since BFG 2007, a bit later on, when I saw the great Sting-Angle I encounter, and Sabin vs. Senshi (Low Ki).
  10. Heard how great it was, started watching and enjoyed it.
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  11. Was it 2012, summer? Or earlier?
  12. I started watching sporadically right before Destination X, but it was a few months later that I started watching every week... probably the month before No Surrender or something like that.
  13. Nothing caught my eye. I started watching because I wanted to enjoy wrestling again, I knew nothing about TNA at the time.
    It was guys like Sting, Beer Money, Flair, Team 3D and Hardy which kept me watching. If it weren't for ex-wwe wrestlers being there, I probably wouldn't have gave it a chance.
  14. There you have it. That last sentence shows us there are still fans who love those "ex-WWEers". Sorry IWC.
  15. Nothing unique about TNA really caught my interest before I started watching. I am a wrestling fan who is willing to try any promotion once. I then judge them by what talent they have and stories they got going and how they utilize it. I came into TNA during the Roode run and the fact that they handled it so well helped me coming back. There was no "selling factor" to make me watch it though. I just decided one day to check out "that other company apart from WWE that is big". Not a decision I regret. But then again, the only promotion I regret checking out is CZW (that's a different story).
  16. Saw on Bleacher Report that they signed my favorite wrestler at the time (Jeff Hardy) and checked the promotion out. Despite it being 2010, undoubtedly the worst year in TNA history, they showed how they clearly have more to offer than WWE with the X-Division, Knockouts, better matches, more interesting storylines, etc.

    It also really gave birth to my hatred of legends hogging the spotlight, but that's a story for another day haha
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  17. Hardy's heel turn. I was curious about it but I didn't watch it a lot. I can say that Slammiversary 2011 was great so that I started to watch it. As I watch old TNA shows and PPvs, I just loved the talents and in ring competition. It was way better than WWE and it wasn't same as WWE. Till last year I was a WWE fan but Austin Aries & Bobby Roode made me fan of TNA. Aries is just the common denominator of greatness. I don't say that I watch TNA just because of Aries but he made me watch it every week. Now I almost like everything about TNA.
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  18. Some random motherfucker in this forum , testify to that, was always saying that TNA was better than the WWE.
    When I was a kid , TNA only aired at 11 pm so I couldnt watch it . Then I stopped watching wrestling and like a month ago , I saw a A&8s video + some of the best moves in TNA , and I decided to watch one episode,it was freaking awesome (TV14:fap:) and I won the prediction contest so Im gonna start watching every week
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  19. I'd randomly tune in if it was on TV some years back, it was always exciting and entertaining but never really kept up with it. I was just a "casual". Only recently (a year or two ago) have I really been keeping up with the company (around the same time I got back into wrestling in general).
  20. I was round at a friends how...she was on her bed basically just making out with her bastard BF...she left Eurosport on...TNA was on so I though "Oh...this is new!"

    And continued since 2005 :emoji_grin:
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