What made you get into pro wrestling?


Brock Lesnar
I'd like to know what was the thing that made you get into it in the first place, if you can recollect.

For me it was around 96 when I started seeing wrestlers like Vader or The Undertaker on television and I thought this was the most amazing thing I had ever seen on TV and I got hooked.

Mustafar Reginald

The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
For the most part, it came from video games. I remember playing WrestleMania X-8 at my cousin's house and then later ended up getting the game, I gravitated to Kane the most due to having some supernatural elements to him, and I love fire, so he was interesting as opposed to most of the roster who were just kinda underwear dudes. There were other personalities I gravitated towards besides Kane but he was the main one. Later in life, one of my friends was into wrestling, we talked briefly about it but I didn't start watching it really. Then my father & I were watching Deal or No Deal, and after channel surfing one night he stumbled upon Smackdown (the one before Mania 22) and we watched the rest of that. Talked to my friend about it after that and mostly started following it after that.

The thing I like the most about my wrestling backstory is that WrestleMania X-8 is a terrible game. I have no idea how I liked it enough to get my own copy.
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CM Punk

AJ Styles
Wrestling was always in my life even though I didn't watch it when I was a kid. I'd have wrestling shirts I was gifted, kids in my class would be talking about Rey Mysterio, Goldberg, etc.

Eventually I played Smackdown Vs Raw and basically loved the game. Enough to start watching it and buying it also. One thing I'm surprised about is how many friends I've had that dropped wrestling, but while I dropped it, I still keep up with it. (Watch matches and am aware of what's going on in the wrestling world.)

Killer Orange Cat

Quiet You
When I was a kid, I always watched Saturday Morning cartoons. It was a huge deal for me. Eventually there was a cartoon called "Hulk Hogan's Rockin' Wrestling." And I watched it and enjoyed it. So eventually I began watching actual wrestling because I enjoyed the cartoon so much. I got addicted and have loved it ever since.
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Moist Nephew
My first experience with wrestling was the 2006 Raw new year's show at my friend's house. That show inspired me to rent SvR 2006 from Blockbuster, and that game helped me REALLY get into wrestling. I watched a few episodes here and there, but I didn't actually know what Raw was, so I only watched SmackDown. Then we got a new cable subscription, and all of the channel number is got mixed up, and I didn't know what channel to find wrestling on. Instead, I got all my content from SvR and HctP, as well as with some action figures. I got back into watching wrestling around Survivor Series 2007, and became a massive fan of ECW

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