What makes a commentator good?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Aug 23, 2013.

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  1. We all agree that wrestling commentary isn't anywhere close to what it should be, between the Cole/Lawler, Tenay and Taz, and even the lackluster NXT pairings.

    So, what are some specific examples of what makes for good commentary? What do they need to look for when searching for new commentary teams? What do the current announcers need to improve on?

  2. Someone calling the match, not promoting the WWE App. Giving updates on the current storylines in the matches. Someone who is neutral on all talents like Jim Ross, rather than having a heel and face commentator. Something like that.
  3. I want to see Jim Ross back. They should basically change everything.
  4. Someone who makes thoses memorable moments even more memorable,Jim Ross calling that HITC match between Foley and Taker. The way he said"my god he is broken in half" really made me feel compelled and rooting for Foley. Ross draws you in and he calls the moves and has a great knowledge of the industry.Also he can be funny at times.
  5. The way they sell stuff, connect to the fans at home, and how they call a match. The way JR called surprising moments like Kane coming out on his debut to tombstone The Undertaker, he was screaming and yelling. It felt like he was really surprised to see Kane, and in complete shock. They also need to stop with the constant WWE App, it just annoys people and makes them feel like robots. The Twitter feeds of the fans are fine by me, as long as they're legit tweets. And they need to call the moves correctly in the match, I remember Micheal Cole calling a submission move by CM Punk the Anaconda Vice, when it didn't even look like the move at all. I think those are the three aspects of what makes a good commentator in my opinion.
  6. Clone Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

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  7. Mike Adamle>>>>>
  8. Jeff Harvey? :idk:
  9. I think the Heel/Face commentator pairing is good. I also think there should be a third "tweener" one to act as a kind of buffer between the other two. And they should know the names of the moves being performed and the CORRECT NAMES OF THE WRESTLERS (its Eva Marie JBL, not MARIA)

    I always saw Jim Ross as a Face commentator though. Did I miss something? He was always my favorite because he knew the move's names. ALL OF THEM, lol. And his catchphrases were awesome.

    Micheal Cole's surprised reactions are ok. Like at the end of SummerSlam (What the HELL!?) But then again anybody could just say that I suppose. I am getting really tired of his "vintage" whoever though.

    I generally laugh at Lawler. Sorry, but its true. Maddox as an announcer on NXT > RAW GM Maddox IMO.
  10. Getting the amount of heat cole did two wm's ago.
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  11. I wasn't following wrestling for a few years. Now I'm curious, what exactly are you talking about?

  12. He was just amazing
  13. Oh cool

    EDIT: WOW, what a friggin difference. I have never seen Cole like that before.
  14. He did that for about 3 months on raw, nxt, and smackdown. It was great.
  15. Entertaining. Ross selled stuff so well it was entertaining. AJ and JBL were hilarious on Smackdown commentary.
  16. Jim Ross is a great example of being good (at least) commentator.

    The others I have major respect for too: Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, Eric Bischoff, Don West, Todd Keneley, Excalibur (from PWG), even Tony Schiavone.

    Watch their tapes, watch how the moves and product is being sold. How wrestling is called the right way.

  17. You realize this is the company's fault and not any one announcer, right? It's not like Cole decides to promote the app without being told to do so.
  18. JR.

    Quick edit he made that HIAC match between Foley and Taker as the match isn't fantastic really as Foley is out if it but the way JR called it just added that tangible excitement an made it a GOAT match.

  19. Yeah I had thought that same thing. That's like saying you want the announcers not to say "WWE is brought to you by (insert product placement here)". Its part of their job.
  20. So many different things can go into what makes a good comentator. I would say a counterpart to even the commentary as much as possible. I like the homer, i like the bad guy, i love the face/heel deal, i only hate people like Tazz who are more interested in bringing up their opinion on everything. It's the same as in baseball.
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