What makes Christian such an internet darling?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. (Inspired by Dolph's and Dat Kid arguing about this on another thread)

    There are people out there who find Christian bland, and others who think he deserves another WHC match. Admittedly he barely has a character and his mic work leaves a lot to be desired, but plenty of us love some Captain Charisma nonetheless.

    Is it all the years he's been in the company? Is it his athleticism and the match quality he delivers? How much of it is booking-related, with all the terrible babyfaces and overbooked scrubs making this little-pushed Christian look better by comparison?

  2. People doubt his mic work?

    He's probably one of the top 5 mic workers in the company.

    Some TNA ones too

    His ring work is great also examples include:

    His ECW work was great too, he's a great talent. I can't see a flaw in him, beyond his scrawny ass look. He's an amazing heel and a good face who's been crippled by horrible booking. If you're not a fan after working his heel work in 05 I'd be surprised in all honesty.
  3. I don't see the doubts for Christian either. As seabs said he is one of the top 5 talkers in the company, top 10 easy. Also with a solid ring style what isn't to like?
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  4. I'd class him as above good in ring tbh, I feel like I've raped this thread but not enough yet so fan boy mode part 2 is enabled.

    Apologies in advance Bully Rain.
  5. I would've posted my thoughts on why he's amazing, but Seabs pretty much took the words outta my mouth. [​IMG]

    In-Ring Work - Above good
    Mic Work - Awesome
    Face/Heel - He does them both perfectly. He can play a great babyface role as he can as a heel.
    Entertainer - Funny as fuck

    I would say if you're not a fan of Christian or don't see talent in him, you're fucking retarded, but people have opinions.

  6. Team Kofi Kingston looking for a fight, 4 of us are black and 1 of us is white what's upppp
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  7. Christian: Tomko, give me a beat
    Tomko: No
  8. He's fantastic, but I do think he's actually overrated in the IWC. He's good on the mic but I don't think he's good enough consistently to be blown away. He's not on the same level of Punk, Ambrose, Cena on a good day, Rock, or even Miz. His ring work is great though and that's probably why he is so loved, because he is consistently good. He's a bit like Daniel Bryan in the sense of constantly making his opponents look like gold, even if they're not that good.

    It's probably because he's misused. Punk was adored by everyone until he got his main event push, and now people think it's cool to hate on him. Christian has notoriously been underused because Vince isn't really a fan, so naturally the IWC push him on the highest pedestal there is. If Christian was a constant main eventer for a year, we would have a lot of Christian-hating threads.
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  9. [​IMG]

    His TNA work made me a mark in all honesty, his matches with Jarrett, AJ and Angle blew me away.

    Plus looking back his work in 05 should have resulted in him being given the belt, he was better than Edge IMHO.
  10. Great Promo by Christian here.

    My TNA memory is a bit gone, was this before the Angle Alliance?
  11. AA started at Genesis in November according to Wiki so before I'm guessing.

    The Lethal Lockdown match they had was dope too.
  12. This is more becoming an appreciation thread rather than discussing the topic, lol.
  13. :pity: you have to be trolling me specifically with that statement. Christian > than the Miz in every way possible.
  14. Get your Miz hate out of here, and actually answer the topic question :tough2:
  15. It's kind of becoming like that. But to probably myself, it's showing how Christian is such a great worker, rather it be in the ring or on the mic.
  16. I don't think anyone can argue against those things, but does his talent warrant the attention/appreciation he gets in the IWC? It is identical to Punk's situation when he wasn't utilised. I don't think Christian is the WWE saviour that most people think he is to be honest, and that's coming from a Christian mark
  17. :obama: fine then I'll debate with you (this'll end up badly I sense)
    I'd say he's more consistent that Cena by a long way and at there peak he can hang with him, his 05 heel work was beautiful.

    I agree about him being misused causing some of the fan boyism but Khali get's similar booking but because he's so terrible noone cares, being misused is half the battle, the other half is being good enough to carry the world title for an extended period of time. Look at the reigns he was given in the WWE, they were horrible but he was a great ECW champion as he showed with his matches with Swagger and Shelton amongst other and was incredible as NWA champion.
  18. Nothing else to add, seabs and Punk have said it all. IMO he's better than Cena on the mic too. Whomever says he isn't good on the mic obviously didn't watch him when he was in TNA. The guy had more promo time than almost anyone. Especially during his feud with Angle. His ring work anywhere speaks for itself.
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  19. People are calling him the savior? If so I'll concede that's ridiculous, same as Punk isn't the savior but he's better than what he got by a long way and has proven it, he's probaly top 10 as total packages based on his WWE work alone.
  20. No.
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