What makes "easy" a good thing?

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  1. I wonder some things sometimes and since this is a mostly male forum, I figured I'd ask...
    What makes easy women so appealing? I don't want to say "slutty" or "whorish" cause thats not always the case. But like with women who dress like ones (or lack there of clothing in general) get so much attention. I know men are visual and if they see a half naked woman walking down the street they are going to look, hell I do it too and I don't like women like that lol but what I don't get is how can that be attractive, in like a long term sense? I had a conversation with my aunt not too long ago and she said that a real man wants a woman who is classy, respectful and tasteful on the outside, but in the bedroom, they want a woman who is, well, slutty but only for them. Is that true? I mean I am 26 and still don't understand men. lmao

    Yeah.. these are the random thoughts I have at 9am. :lol1:
  2. Men want sex. We think about it... always.

    If you understand that, you now understand men.
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  3. No I get the sex thing, what I don't get is why easy is appealing. I thought working hard for something makes you cherish it more when you finally have it. lol
  4. I don't understand humans. I prefer money since I can cry with the latest video game or drown my sorrow in good tasty food.

    Oh....and here
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  5. Read and think about what I just said. Men want sex... 5 minutes ago. The idea of sex is appealing. That is the thought process. If she is attractive and dressed in a way that might indicate she is willing to have sex without much effort being put in, boom.

    There is nothing to cherish. You get that nut and you forget about it for about 30 seconds then you want another one. we are disgusting creatures
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  6. Thanks for your honesty lol
  7. Most men don't act in this way, but we all think this way, at least between the ages of 13 through at least... idk at least however SEnhor is since I'm sure he is still thinking this way
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  8. So men with high sex drives think "sex, Sex, SEX" but only few act on it in the aspect of seeing an easy woman and jumping right into the bed? It seems like younger women have this idea they have to be easy to keep a man around but it ends up back firing because of the men they attract acting that way... like a guy who just wants to f around and have one night stands. Not bashing people who do, that is their business and at least they are honest with themselves but what about the men who want a relationship with a real woman and find nothing but easy ones or they find a good one and all the easy ones throw themselves at him? (lol I am going all over the place with this.)

    I have no idea what it is like to have my hormones on a rampage but I could imagine it being very hard to say no to sex if a woman is attractive enough and giving it up. no questioned asked.
  9. Everything @Dolph'sZiggler said is true... it goes all the way back to Neanderthal times... men haven't changed one bit in terms of their role as hunters.. back then it was hunting for food for everyone to survive so that the man could have sex, now, since women are much more independent, it is hunting for that few moments of pleasure that comes from sleeping with a woman. At the forefront of our minds is the sexual conquest and in the back of our minds is the desire for a mate and lifelong companionship.. if we meet the right woman then after a certain amount of time the want for sexual fulfillment is still there but it's mixed with a greater longing for constant companionship. But mostly men are sexual creatures who want to conquer... plain and simple.
  10. So say you walk into a room and see three women... All having around the same body type, all having attractive faces, ect.

    The first one is wearing a form fitting business suit, very well kept, moderate makeup, hair pinned up.
    The second one is wearing a very short dress, high heel pumps, boobs almost falling out the dress, thick makeup, big hair.
    The third is wearing sweat pants, a loose fitting top, minimal makeup, and hair is well kept but more natural.

    Which would you approach?
  11. :true:

  12. By nature... the second one. Personally, I would have to see their faces and speak with each momentarily. I am particular with the type of women I approach.. I have a wonderful mother and role model who taught me to not jump at the first thing you see but to get to know each individual before coming to a conclusion. My upbringing in church also influences my decision process.

    As much as some might call me out as a liar for saying this.. my ultimate reasoning for speaking to a woman is not sex anymore. That is not to say I would turn it down if offered... I'm 37 years old and I need to settle down so my focus has changed somewhat. But that's just me.. the normal behavior for a man would be to go after the "sure shot" and, in reality, 9 times out of 10 it is the woman who is more exposed, dressed slutty, or whatever else you want to call it.
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  13. I believe you. I think all men reach this point when they no longer want to be alone, in the sense of jumping in and out of pointless relationships. See at a glance, I think most young men would see the first one as independent and hard to please, the second one as easy and a sure thing and the third would be the type you'd want to be friends with. My issue with this though is that not all women who show off their bodies are sluts (though most are, no offense ladies lol) and many independent, well dress womens can be super easy to get into bed but emotionally hard to please. Like the whole visual aspect of dating/mating is all over the place right now. Same with guys. My first long term relationship was with a guy who was 260lbs, he was considered fat. He dressed like he played in a band. To me, I thought well his personality is good, he is outgoing, funny and carefree and because he wasn't all ripped and about his looks I wouldn't have to worry about him cheating.... Dude cheated on mer numerous times. lmao That essentially set me up to not trust the appearance of any man I see, and with women, the girl friends I had taught me that most women can be sluttier then men. So I don't trust women too much either, specially on appearance. lol
  14. Let me emphasize that there was a space between girl and friend... I never dated a woman. lol
  15. All 3
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  16. There the people you want to bang and then be done with. They're not the people you want a relationship with.
  17. You want a women to be a devil in the bedroom, but a mouse outside it

    Yes it is nice when you see the poony poon flashing the ol flesh, but you dont want them coming on too strong, its just wrong. If a women is dressing slutty and starts shaking her rump in your falious then it is just off-putting.

    Give me a lass who comes up and asks you about your Joker Shirt whilst you sip some of the old booze at the bar
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  18. So strange you use the proper they're the second time but not the first.
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  19. I was distracted by something, can't even remember what it was now :urm:
  20. That was my Crayo-esque point out a typo even when the user obviously knows the grammar rule but just wasn't paying attention nazi post of the day.
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