What makes it significantly worse than RAW? (my opinion)

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  1. SmackDown for me is the B show, well it IS the B show. But it lacks so much interest worldwide compared with RAW. Maybe because RAW is live? But I think it's because SmackDown lacks those key story-lines. When was the last time SmackDown main evented a PPV? Back when it was Undertaker vs Kane in 2010. There's been nothing good since then. Orton vs Christian was a good feud, but where are the interesting storylines? RAW has had CM Punk leaving, Conspiracy, Johnny Ace, Kane coming back, "It Begins", The Rock etc.

    SmackDown should be used better. Make people more interested in it. I'm assuming on the WWE network it'll be live, so why not make people want to watch it now? They're not lacking superstars really, compare the rosters.

    SmackDown "Stars":

    Randy Orton
    Wade Barrett
    Cody Rhodes
    Booker T (lol)
    Big Show
    Daniel Bryan
    Mark Henry

    RAW "Stars":

    John Cena
    CM Punk
    Alberto Del Rio
    Zack Ryder
    Dolph Ziggler

    Any more?
  2. WWE just takes more interest in RAW I suppose because it's live. But you're right, SmackDown looks like an abandoned ship. It makes sense to make storylines on SmackDown too since they appear on RAW aswell now, so they get double build-up time.
  3. Seems as if the writers for Smackdown put little to no time into building stories and angles, apart from the Mark Henry hall of pain recently. The only real feuds or storylines in recent months has been the very dull and uncreative "i want that belt, and i want it now".
  4. RAW = Entertainment show

    Smackdown = Wrestling show

    Has been for quite a few years.
  5. Yeah but that shouldn't stop story-lines. You can be a wrestling show with great story-lines, look at Taker and Kane in 2010. Was great.
  6. Totally agree, I hate him.
  7. What's up with that Aksana thing with Teddy Long though, lol
  8. Booking him as a pervert who makes tag-team matches whenever he appears, lmao.
  9. It doesn't, you're right. But Vince's main priority is to make RAW as entertaining as possible. By that they have guest host, stupid dance offs, ect.

    Just compare the time of Wrestling of both shows.
  10. True. Guest hosts have stopped now, they actually listened to the IWC there. Those dance-off's between commentators are bad, commentators shouldn't be in any segments. Perhaps Cole since he gets mega-heat and should become a mananger.

    But as for quality of story-lines, RAW is miles ahead.
  11. That's because CM Punk has been giving ideas about storylines since his Shoot Promo. Before that Smackdown had the upperhand with Randy Orton Vs. Christian.
  12. Dunno, CM Punk gets the credit but creative don't? I'm sure it was creative. Orton vs Christian wasn't really a good storyline, just the match was insane.
  13. Punk goes directly to Vince and tells him his ideas. Vince gives the ideas to creative to see if it would be a good storyline. They talk about it, sometime make some adjustments and they go along with it. CM Punk is the source but creative should get some degree of credit.
  14. Well no one knows that for sure, but it's something I'd definitely believe knowing Punk. He really did revolutionize WWE for a period with that story-line.
    Perhaps Orton should do the same for SmackDown :emoji_wink:. I'd book something like Barrett takes control of SmackDown, is the GM and books himself in title matches with Bryan etc. Wins it not clean, they fight at Mania'. Or same thing for Christian.
  15. I don't know really how Barret would start taking control of Smackdown, but maybe he should align himself with McIntyre because some how, he might have control of Smackdown.
  16. Not hard to write Barrett in control though. :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. Yeah but with Drew back, maybe they have something planned for him.
  18. I doubt Drew will get that sort of push though, he's only just come back from jobbing to Superstars.
  19. You never know, hopefully they do something with him.