What makes SmackDown the "B" show for you?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Is it simply because it's not live?

    For me it's the lack of effort with story-lines and the booking reminds me constantly of house shows, and of course that it's taped.
  2. The big stars from Raw are rarely on whilst the big Smackdown stars are always on Raw now a days. Not to mention the WHC rarely main eventing PPVs.
  3. Lack of entertainment.
    Raw is and will allways be the no. 1 show for me.

    Is there a particular reason why RAW is live and SD taped?
  4. Probably due to the cost.
  5. Cost of what? :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. It costs a lot to broadcast a live show so that's why Smackdown is taped.
  7. And Raw is the no. 1 show! :laugh:
  8. Everything you guys said, and to make the long story short and simple, the way WWE treats it.
  9. SmackDown is the A Show for me I alway like SmackDown over Raw!
  10. You crazy man.
    Raw is and will be way better than SD, for ever.
  12. Lol, haha no way..
    Raw always dominated sd..
  13. It was better at times but never the A show.
  14. Yes it was all the temnet it had! there now way u can it was not better it was the A show! Hell it have a Video Game fter for years b/c it was A show which is why that turn into SD vs. Raw so that could get away for thinking that SD was the was not the A show but WE ALL KNOW THAT IT IS THE A SHOW! :pity:
  15. 'there now way u can it was not better it was the A show!'

    Wth does this mean..?
  16. Raw is the flagship show that's why it's live and in a prime spot on Monday Nights. That named the games after Rock's catchphrases not the show Smackdown because he was a huge draw and it gained name recognition.
  17. It live b/c WWE chice to make it live! It Raw was 1s tape back in the monday night wars! Nitco was the only live back then and that was for WCW! That flagship should have nothing do if it live or not! All that made is was better! AND THAT IS SMACKDOWN END OF STORY!
  18. Screw your end of story and caps lock bullshit bro..

    Keep it somewhat relevant people.
  19. Guys take it to PM's.
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