What makes something beautiful?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by seabs, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. Many strive for it, some even obsess over it so what makes a person beautiful and an object or area beautiful?

    Not looking for vivid descriptions of what beauty is to you, unless you want to of course but just an outline of what qualifies something as beautiful.

    Don't respond simply with it being in the eye of the beholder as you are now the beholder so you must elaborate on what it means to you.
  2. It means that it has an "IT" written all over it. That something/someone just has to amaze me.
  3. They've done studies. The answer: Symmetry.

    I'm talking about a 'someone' not a 'something'
  4. So two equal "bad" things can make a right? Say a group of people dislike big noses but both sides of the nose are equal would they be considered beautiful?

    Also it appears from brief research I've done that symmetry is more searched for in people by a "hunter gatherer" mentality as seen here in the comparison between The UK and Hazda in Tanzania ( link here ) although admittedly it was still preferred, so I'm wondering if there isn't something else which dictates that before the symmetry, our social surroundings. Do they play a bigger part than we think or is it something completely different.

    Also a study in babies showed they stared at "attractive" faces longer than simply symmetrical ones.

    from here

    So is there more to it?
  5. What is that "IT" factor though? That's what I don't really get tbh.
  6. Here, knock yourself out champ

  7. :win:
  8. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
  9. I failed to read this. LOL

    Well, to me...beauty is either something appealing to my eyes or my heart. Like what John Cena does for the kids... That's beautiful. That appeals to my heart.
  10. When they light up your world like nobody else, when they smile at the bar and it gets you overwhelmed, but when they smile at the ground it isn't hard to tell, that they just don't know, they don't know they're beautiful, when nobody else can see what I can see, and you understand why you want them so desperately, when you look at them and you can't believe, they don't know, they don't know they're beautiful, that's what makes you beautiful.

    I'm such a sad b******, that took so long... Worth it though. :yay:
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  11. Beauty is mostly seen in a split-second.

    You capture the thing/object/person, and you have to think about it or as Seabs said being obsessed with it for a while.
  12. You know I taught John everything he knows. His kindness for kids, that's all because of me. So what time should I call you? :emoji_wink:
  13. Innocence.
  14. Me neither, I just randomly said what I feel. It is it.
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