What makes you watch WWE each week?

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  1. As of right now, what makes you tune in? I am not coming from a trolly stance or anything, I just haven't enjoyed it much at all in like 2 years. I don't know why, but it feels like there is too much and not enough going on at the same time. Does that make sense? idk... Anyways, what makes YOU continue to watch every week? What keeps you keen on the product and wanting to invest your valuable time watching and following it?
  2. It's more of a formality. I watch because I've been used to watching RAW, every Monday for so many years. My Monday feels empty without it, but bored with it.
  3. Just the basic concept of sports entertainment, something which got me into the product in the first place. It's like your favorite sports, the level of competition and skills on display may fluctuate from time to time but you don't stop watching just because the quality isn't what it used to be, I still have no issues in taking out 3-5 hours of my weekly time to watch WWE.
  4. I don't. Well if I have time sure but I mostly just read reports and watch replays of important moments and matches
  5. Only watch the PPVs now, holding out until the brand split.
  6. Thanks for bringing this thread up.

    Part of my interest is simply here, this has definitely become my place to relax, and keeping up with Raw is the easiest show to talk about.
    But I've been wondering, too. Mentioned in a PM what I should do about watching WWE, took a break and then saw that episode where Styles turned on Cena, and didn't pop at all. Figured that was a sign to stop watching.
    Any kind of pointers and stuff with this will help greatly. Maybe PPV only?
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  7. I watch so I can have stuff to talk about on here
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  8. brutal luck lad
  9. I don't. I've lost all hope, and I'm just not all that interested.
  10. It's two reasons for me:

    1. Habit- It is VERY hard for me to watch anything other than RAW on Monday Nights (I don't watch SmackDown). It's been a big part of my life since I started watching wrestling again in December of 2013. Yes, on most nights, it bores the hell out of me, but my Mondays aren't the same without it. I can't explain it.

    2. Hope- Sometimes, though, the WWE pisses me off more than they make me happy. It honestly makes me wonder constantly, "why am I still watching this crap?". The reason why I'm still watching the WWE is because I hope beyond hope that the Main Roster product will change and that Vince will actually listen to the fans.
  11. It's just a major part of my life and has been for the most part for a very long time. I've watched the WWE go through amazingly good times through amazingly bad times and then back to good times again.

    When I first began watching wrestling, it was like I discovered this world which it was meant for me to be a part of in some way. I began watching with the WWE. Yeah, it can suck every now and then, but in my view wrestling for me is on some level good even when it's really bad. The WWE is in no way my favorite promotion, I much prefer NJPW, ROH, LU and I watch a lot of the NWA too. But the WWE is on television and easy to access. I guess I continue to watch it because it is wrestling that I don't have to search for.

    I've mentioned several times that I only ever took on hiatus from wrestling and that was during the Attitude Era. Other than a few years back then, the WWE has been a part of my life since 1986. Having something that familiar is a good thing.

    With my luck, I'll stop watching WWE and the moment I do, it will get great again and I will miss it.
  12. Because there's always some hope in me that vinny will put on some gem shows... Sure, they all won't be great... But there's some moments that happen in Raw that are truly epic.... I watch to be able to say that I saw that right when it happened.

    Otherwise, sometimes I wonder why I watch. More often than not, most of the show is fluff bs and garbage.
  13. Just for fun, we need to find a 3rd H to add to this list... Hey that can go in the hope section too! :yay:
  14. [​IMG]

    I don't always watch WWE...but when I do...

    I watch to see Kevin Owens.

    Stay smarky, my friends.
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  15. I don't. Not even monthly.
  16. It has become second nature after 17 years.
  17. I don't. WWE sucks right now.
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