Hell in a Cell What match do you think will main-event?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Messiah, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. What match will close the show at Hell in a Cell... Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, or Randy Orton and what's his face?
  2. Seeing as how WWE never mentioned the word 'loser' when promoting the 'contract on a pole' match on RAW I'm led to believe Cena/Orton will main event.
    Cena didn't 'lose' he failed to win. Therefore, the loser didn't move on to face Orton the guy who didn't win faces Orton.
    Either Cena/Orton and Ambrose/Rollins will play 'paper, rock, scissors' during the pre-show or Orton/Cena will go last.

    Orton and Cena have main evented at least 10 Mania's between them. Ambrose/Rollins haven't main evented that many PPV's combined.
  3. Ambrose and Rollins will be the main event.. Orton/Cena will be done early so that they can interfere in the Ambrose/Rollins match.. Orton face turn attacking Rollins and Cena attacking Ambrose.. leading to a no decision in the main event. I think Cena will have it out even more for Ambrose after something happens on the go home RAW show, no heel turn for Cena, just a grudge.
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  4. Obviously Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, Orton and Cena haven't had any build one on one at all.
  5. I think that Orton vs. Cena will be the Main Event, but Ambrose vs. Rollins will definitely be the match of the night. Rusev vs. Show will be a close one though.:jeritroll:
  6. they did mention on raw that the "loser" will face randy orton. They said it shortly after Dean beat Cena. I can see Ambrose and Rollins main eventing. They're slowing pushing Ambrose and Rollins more lately and they even have Dean on the cover of the poster and when you look at wwe.com, they are advertising Dean and Rollins and don't really mention Cena and Orton (thank God). It seems WWE is really going to let these guys steal the show and main event.
  7. They never said the Loser would face Orton. But that whoever doesn't face Rollins faces Orton.
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  8. I stand corrected, I thought Micahel Cole said it after DEan beat Cena......but he didn't. He said "Cena will face Orton." Even though in reality we all know that the loser faces Orton. Regardless, I still stand by my statement about rollins and ambrose.
  9. This should be how it goes down.. I definitely wouldn't be surprised.

    I believe Rollins/Ambrose will be the main event and Orton/Cena will be two matches before that.
  10. Judging by that segment on Raw between Orton and The Authority, it sounds like Orton vs Cena will headline the PPV since Orton mentioned "getting the loser of the contract on a pole match in the main event." However, just to add fuel to the fire in the growing rivalry between Seth Rollins and Randy Orton, I think Rollins will "politic" his way into the main event spot, further bringing Orton to the realization that The Authority is favoring Seth over him more and more, which will continue to build towards his face turn.
  11. Orton vs Cena will be the ME, as it was said on Raw, during a backstage segment between Orton and The Authority. Fine by me, as long as Orton wins.

    Or, Seth may just 'politic' his way into the ME spot, just like Lock said. But I kinda doubt that'd happen.

    I also have a feeling that Rollins is gonna pick up the win, I know there's nothing on the line here, so The Authority won't feel the need to screw Ambrose... But there's the Bray Wyatt factor.
    I love Ambrose and after months of not being able to get his hands on Seth the way he wanted to, now that he finally has the chance, he may get screwed... Again.
    Or he may win.

    Dunno what to think, there are so many scenarios. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  12. http://www.wrestlingrumors.net/john-cena-randy-orton-reportedly-will-close-hell-cell/30341/
  13. That report is wrong based on WWE History. Remember the infamous decision at Over the Limit 2012? Instead of going with the "better match" in Punk vs Bryan, they ended the night with Ace vs Cena. That's because they threw the match with no build under the bus in favor of one that has plenty of build. They always do that and they will again.

    Honestly, if I was fantasy-booking this, I'd have The Authority there at ringside for the whole night with the keys. With 2 matches to go, Cena makes his entrance, Orton comes out, RKO's Triple H, and runs up the ramp... cut backstage to Ambrose smiling since there was nobody to save Rollins inside the cell, and Ambrose does indeed get Rollins all to himself.

    You play off the vines, screw the Authority, do something different, help out Ambrose and spare us from Cena vs Orton. Absolute bomb of face heat.
  14. I agree.
    It's not as if this is a major PPV that Cena must headline.
    It has some 'sexy' appeal to it in that its 'Hell in a Cell' so why not main event with stars you know will be headlining someday.
    Let's not kid ourselves and assume Ambrose or Rollins may not pan out. They will.
    If this were Summerslam or Survivor Series it would be ill advised to have Rollins/Ambrose main event the show this year.

    Being that it is a B-PPV, but a gimmick match that creates a great dynamic, this would be an opportune moment to hit the iron while its hot with these young cats.
  15. Tell that to WWE's "Creative" team
  16. K, I'll be right back.
  17. What did the dimwits say?
  18. They claimed I was Vince Russo and told me to GTFO :gtfo:
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  19. Typical WWE Creative :russo:
  20. I dont see where you think that this being a "B-ppv" means it's okay to have the younger guys main event. Why couldn't this match main-event bigger shows? If Wrestlemania can be built around Daniel Bryan while Cena mid cards with Wyatt, you can devote a Summerslam main event to a blood feud like this (especially with no champion). Why would Cena vs a non-special attraction be a bigger draw at this point?

    Honestly, if it wasn't for the Bryan injury this whole year may have had Cena away from the ME scene.
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