Extreme Rules What match result did you enjoy the most?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 19, 2013.

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  1. We had a few IWC pleasing results tonight with Ambrose, Shield, and Lesnar going over. Those confirmed go alongside potential kayfabe injuries to Cena and Big Show, with a weird ending scene with HHH similar to his "retirement" one last year. Overall, I would say it was a good night for the IWC, so which match outcome did you enjoy the most?
  2. Sheamus over Henry.
  3. MOTY
  4. I wasn't being sarcastic. It was the only match outcome I was invested in.
  5. Oh......:silva:
  6. ... Not sure if serious. If you are, then I swear you just say out of the ordinary stuff because it is just that, out of the ordinary. No way do I believe for one second that was your favourite match of the night.
  7. You said match result. And yea, it was the only thing that happened tonight to put a smile on my face. Being right/beating you in a bet >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> anything else that happened
  8. I'm touched that I mean so much to you.
  9. nice sig
  10. Also, it shows more about how little WWE means to me atm than how 'much' you mean to me
  11. Shield beating Team Hell No. Great outcome.
  12. Whatever helps you sleep baby girl. I know thinking of me helps too.
  13. nice sig. A real man wouldn't add shit to undermine the bet, but w/e
  14. You love me how I am. No need to pretend I am a real man.
  15. For the moment it was Sheamus srsly. Gave me that glimmer of hope that Ryback could win.

    Does "the non-finish of the WWE title match" count?
  16. C'mon be serious for a moment, Dean Ambrose winning the US title and the other Shield members winning the Tag titles.
    Those 2 matches where the most fun to me.
    That punt kick from Orton was a great moment aswell :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. Only cared for Shield. Everything else is stale and predictable.

    Also hoping D-Bry is goin' for some strap after this.
  18. To be honest I marked heavily on Lesnar beating HHH. At least Lesnar looks like a beast again now and can be used well in the future still. Shield was obvious, but was still a good moment to see. I hope they ditch those tag team belts and get a new designs. Fucking penny belts.
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  19. Only The Shield victories got any emotional response from me, which is what I was expecting....
  20. Shield's victories were predictable IMO
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