Summerslam What match should be the Main Event?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Aug 14, 2016.

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  1. Rollins vs Balor

  2. Ambrose vs Ziggler

  3. Lesnar vs Orton

  1. So Summerslam has 3 main events. 2 title matches and 1 interpromotional match with 2 of the biggest names. Who do you think should go on last and why?

    I think Balor vs Rollins should. It will probably be the best match of the night and a guaranteed new champion will be decided.

    Lesnar vs Orton would be my next choice. Lesnar vs Taker closed the show out last year over the Cena vs Rollins for the WWE and US title which was a huge match and better than Taker vs Lesnar. Plus this match carries the whole Smackdown vs Raw thing.

    Ambrose vs Ziggler would be my last choice. This match just doesn't excite me. I'm sure it will be good but it doesn't carry the excitement as the other 2. Hopefully they make it a triple threat with Bray Wyatt
  2. I want it to be Rollins/Balor, and I think it will be.
  3. I want it to be Lesnar/Orton because it's the match I care most about
  4. Lennar v Orton, only interpromotional match. You put Rollins v Balor, or Dean v Dolph on last and it automatically shows which brand they think is superior. You do Lesnar v Orton, and it's Raw v Smackdown. Just makes the most sense.

    And the F-5 into an RKO spot will make it worth it.
  5. Rollins vs Bálor BECAUSE FUCK YOU, THAT'S WHY.

    If it doesn't ME, then it'll co-ME, which is fine by me.
  6. I'd like to see Rollins/Balor get that spot, but it'll probably go to Brock. Lol
  7. The WWE WHC championship should always receive top billing, even if that means a guy like Ziggler is going to main event. Balor/Rollins should Co-ME for the fact that it's to crown a secondary world champion.
  8. They all deserve the ME spot for different reasons. The title gives the Ambrose - Ziggler feud the ME tag, the superstars and potential awesomeness of the match gives Balor - Seth the claim to it, but like mentioned before, the only interpromotional match is likely going to be the main event. They wouldnt want to 'favour' a show right away, eventually they will do it but not the 1st interpromotional PPV.
  9. I'm going for Finn vs Rollins because it is the most historic moment that can happen no matter what. Either way, a new Champion is crowned. That, and it will be a good match regardless.

    For Orton vs Brock, I have a sinking feeling that match, although fun, won't be as memorable.

    As for Dean and Dolph, I know both men can put on a great match, but their feud isn't as hot as the others as Dolph is still getting rebuilt as it comes for credibility.
  10. My vote is for Rollins and Balor. I doubt I'll ever hold the Universal title in the same prestige that I hold the World title. In all inter brand ppvs going forward, my vote will always be for the World title. But as they are trying to establish the Universal title now and trying to present it at the very least as equal to the World title, I think in this one instance it should be the main event.
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  11. It has to be Rollins vs Balor... this new title is a big deal, and having them main event summerslam will only amplify how important the title will be to the Raw brand
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  12. Random bump... After the show, any thoughts? Know it was a big debate of who should have main evented after the show. What should have? Why? How does this affect your view of threads like these moving forward? What about the value of main-eventing?
  13. Styles/Cena ngl.

    Orton/Lesnar, Ambrose/Ziggler and Balor/Rollins all were pretty bad. The first two especially, I went in expecting nothing from them and I was still let down.
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