What match will be MOTN?

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  1. Pretty simple. Do you think any could become MOTYC's as well?
  2. Henry/Cena could be a MOTYC.
  3. By looking at the card right now its hard to argue with one of the MITB matches, the RAW one in particular. The RAW one offers high flying, technicality and star power. The Smackdown one opens up for Smash mouth style wrestling and physicality. Guys like Ambrose will be in his element here, playing with weapons and ladders. Plus the Smackdown one is for the guys keen on the future stars.
  4. One of the MITB matches will take it home. ADR Vs. Dolph Ziggler has potential though.
    Even though John Cena and Mark Henry's build up is great, the match usually fails to impress. Although, if it's Henry dominating, I'm in for it.
  5. Perhaps for Mark Henry.
  6. Anyway I'll vote the raw MITB, it has everything including an intriguing story. I'm hoping everyone jumps Ambrose in the SD one as a payoff to the shield's dominance.
  7. Henry/Cena will be entertaining because of Henry, but the slow pacing and typical Cena match (getting beat up before busting out his same old moves) holds it back in my mind.

    Ziggler/ADR- will be another fun match, hopefully with DZ getting his belt back, but nothing they do can top the story they told at Payback.

    The answer for me is easily the Raw MITB. WWE seems to be going all out for this one, and I expect some crazy shit + the Philly crowd to go insane when DB wins.
  8. What if RVD wins? :emoji_slight_frown:

  9. Why would he? He's 42 and on a part time contract. He is less likely to win than even Kane in my eyes. He is there to get a pop from the ECW marks and push a new t shirt that they will give him.
  10. Senhor Perfect thinks he might :emoji_slight_frown:
  11. Will mark for a Senhor signature dissing Mr Perfect and Bret Hart.
  12. I said might due to WWE's history of shitting booking, I never said 100%. I'll do a user title bet if you want. No sig though.
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  13. As long as my dick can still get hard naturally, nothing else matters.
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  14. DB wins- I choose your usertitle for a week
    RVD wins- you choose my usertitle for a week
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  15. If Henry wins Cena I'd say it can be the MOTY.
  16. Sure, I'm in. If neither one wins we choose Crayo's usertitle for a week right?

  17. Works for me.
  18. Looking at the card, I don't think anything can touch the WWE Championship MITB which is pretty impressive while looking at the rest of the card. I'd probably rank them like this . . .

    II. Del Rio/Ziggler
    IV. Henry/Cena
    V. Ryback/Jericho

    After dreading watching pretty much every PPV since Mania, it's incredible how excited WWE has gotten me for this PPV, I'll probably even start watching Raw now.
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