WrestleMania What match will be MOTN?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Mar 30, 2014.

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  1. Out of the matches we know will be on the card, which one do you think will be match of the night?
  2. Wyatt Vs Cena. Wyatt is balls to the walls amazing and Cena is a solid in ring worker.
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  3. Wyatt v Cena or Bryan v Hunter.
  4. The Diva's match
  5. HHH vs Bryan or Taker vs Brock.
  6. It's hard to tell. For me, HHH vs DB, Brock vs Taker and Cena vs Wyatt all have the potential to be the match of the night. Cena, despite still getting heat for being a bad worker, normally has great matches in these situations, and Wyatt is no slouch. The storytelling will be great and I know I'll be invested in the match cheering for Bray like crazy, even thoughI think Cena is getting the win here. I do think there's the chance of these two not clicking and the match being just there. HHH vs Bryan will be awesome either way, this has been built since SummerSlam and you know the crowd will be hot. I will be torn between cheering for DB so he finally gets his win and the mark in me going for Hunter. What stops this from being MOTN is the fact it's just the first match for one of them (or maybe both), which sucks. HHH should've won the belt earlier and then dropped it to Bryan here, but sadly, it wasn't to be. And finally, Brock vs Taker will surely be great. Lesnar is going to kill Taker and it willbe as epic as the streak matches always are. So, I'm not certain, any match here could be the best, but I'm going with Lesnar/Taker followed by DB/HHH and then Cena/Wyatt as the best matches.
  7. If DB and Hunters match ends in DQ or double countout and they both get into the match vs Randy & Batista.. that could potentially break my assumption that Cena/Wyatt will be MOTN.
    I certainly don't think the Taker/Lesnar match will be MOTN, it'll be entertaining just not MOTN.
  8. Would have been HHH/Db, but now that that match is just a lame ass appetizer for DB marks, I'll say Cena/Wyatt fasho
  9. Taker Brock or Hunter Bryan
  10. HHH/Bryan for sure

    inb4 no one gives HH any credit
  11. I was so hyped for this match before the added stip of winner goes to the main event. Now it seems too obvious and shitty.

    If this were the proper ME as it should be, with Shititsta vs BLandy happening earlier in the night, HHH/DB would undoubtedly steal the show. BUt as things are now, it will just feel like a warm up match for DB
  12. Even though I don't like Cena, I'm actually looking forward to his match with Bray Wyatt. Undertaker/Lesnar looks like it could be great as well, and even DB/HHH looks promising. So far this is looking 10 times better than last year's Wrestlemania.
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  13. i find all of Taker's Mania matches (After Mania XX) MOTC caliber
  14. Undertaker and Lesnar ragdolling each other around the ring will probably be the best "worked" match, but the combination of the drama/character stuff + some awesome action should put Wyatt and Cena over the top into MOTN.
  15. I'm actually curious to see what Taker and Lesnar do. I seriously doubt it will be the same badass style of match we saw between Bork/Cena for example. Taker can't take the punishment Brock dishes out in his usual style of match. Taker is held together by paper clips and chewed bubble gum.
  16. Taker/Brock could be MOTY or a pile of shit, it's hard to guess.
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  17. No matter what happens a large group of fans will label it a MOTYC. It happens with any Taker match. I thought the Punk match was dog shit and people to this day still call it MOTY for last year lmao.
  18. Its not going to be MOTY at all.
  19. People still rate HHH VS Taker as MOTY and it was a steaming pile of dog shit handed on a plate with piss on top.
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  20. You won't mark the SECOND TIME Taker kicks out of the F5??? OMG, what a moment!
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