What might have been in Eve’s report on WWE’s tag team division?

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  1. What might have been in Eve’s report on WWE’s tag team division?


    As SmackDown General Manager Booker T handled the fallout of the tag team free-for-all that transpired on the Aug. 24 edition of SmackDown (WATCH), Eve made quite a first impression as the five-time WCW Champion’s new assistant. With Booker asking for recommendations as to who should be the new No. 1 contenders to face WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth, the assertive Diva produced a research binder including each possible challenger’s recent win-loss record — as well as her personal recommendations, which noticeably impressed the leader of the blue brand. (WATCH)

    So who did Eve include in her report? How did she summarize the candidacy of each team as they chase Kofi Kingston & R-Truth for their championship gold? What other information did she include to ensure each potential contender receives fair consideration from the SmackDown GM?

    While the results of her study were meant for Booker’s eyes only, the pairings Eve included and the criteria she deemed important remain open to speculation. As such, WWE.com dug into its own scouting reports to deduce how the former two-time Divas Champion likely classified the contenders and pretenders in WWE’s tag team ranks.

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