What mobile phone/cell do you have?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solidus, Mar 21, 2015.

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  1. I'm using a Moto G 2014, rooted w/ stock rom. As a budget orientated phone, it really has held its own, I'm probably considered a power user and it has served me really well so far.

    What's yours?
  2. HTC one+. Been happy with it for the two years I've had it and I am happy with HTC as a brand as a whole. Could have had a better camera but I ain't a camera hog so to speak.

    My current cell plan expires in June so I am looking to either get the One M8 or the One M9.
  3. I like the Smart Phone feature but since I have terrible luck with phones and with the terrible insurance plan they're offering these days I stick to some of the cheaper ones.. I got a Samsung Galaxy Centura from like late 2013 at the moment, very cost effective and it gets me through the day.. battery life is the biggest issue I have as well as the cases available for it being pretty crappy unless you use like duct tape to reinforce them a bit otherwise the case just snaps off as soon as it hits the ground.
  4. Galaxy S5 running cyogenamod (no idea if that's spelt right) based on 5.0 the phone doesn't blow me away sadly a lot of the health stuff was cool on stock but didn't have a great deal of use.
  5. Cyanogen mod is nice, not supported for mine just yet. :okay:
    What doesn't blow you away? Android 5?
  6. Iphone 4s. Still refusing to ipdate the IOS though.
  7. I've had a Google Nexus 5 for just over a year now, and I'd say that I'm pretty satisfied with it. Like Sharpy said, it isn't a top of the line phone but it's very good for its price. However, I do plan on trying to reach for a better one when I upgrade. I'll probably try upgrading to an Xperia Z4 depending on if it's out, and if it gets good reviews.
  8. Samsung S5260 Star II

    Ehh, it's nothing special, but I guess it's better than nothing.
  9. Up until like late 2013 I was using my original Motorola RAZR flip phone still, that phone was sweet back in it's prime, I felt like such a pimp when I first got it.

  10. Yeah. This one was cool.
  11. Copyright this word before Apple renames their updates, too
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  12. iPhone 5s which contact wise runs out in August, find if easy to use and does what I need it for. Also is small enough for me. Really hate the larger smartphones on the market.
  13. Nexus 6..rooted 5.1 Benzo rom
  14. As of today I am the owner of a white Sony Xperia Z3 compact.

    Liking it so far but haven't had much time playing with it yet.
  15. That one seems awesome, man!

    Have a great time using it, that one's a keeper.
  16. Nokia Lumia 635. I like it a lot, main menus is customized to my liking. Really enjoy the Cortana A.I. and the Halo references I make lol. Runs smooth, and haven't had any problems outside of maybe one or two random freezes. For the price, it runs like a dream.
  17. Have currently got a S4 which I love and has always delivered but I think it is time for a change, Been looking at the Nexus 6 or S5.
  18. old ass iPhone lol, but it does the two things I need it to do. Text & browse the internet. I have no need for an expensive fancy ass phone
  19. LG Volt. Nothing fancy, but it does all I need a phone to do.
  20. Double post, Sorry for lousy internet connection
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