What movie should I DL?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. Suggestions welcome from anyone besides Crayo :haha:
  2. Con Air, Predator, The Warriors, The Wanderers.
    Choose Now. :ace:
  3. Warrior :gusta:
  4. Eurotrip (learn about Europe America style.)
    The Boondock Saints
    Captain America
    Some documentaries
    The other F word
    Indie Game, the movie
  5. Dont listen to them, my choices are the best NOW CHOOSE DAMMIT! DO IT NOW!
  6. Iron man or Sherlock Holmes RDJ is a baws.
  7. Seen the first 3, what is Wanderers?
    Seen Eurotrip and Boondock Saints. Bruno was awful. Fuck superhero movies.

    I'm about to open up suggestions for Crayo if you guys don't step you suggestion game up


    I saw the first Sherlock Holmes. It was aight
  8. Well how rude, what type of movie are you looking for, comedy, action, i know many good movies but my wisdom can only be fulfilled with the right information.
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  9. Sweeney Todd.
  10. lol.

    I pretty much hate most action movies. I'm into mostly comedies and drama, thrillers, crime/mystery type shit.

    Anyone seen the Girl with the dragon Tattoo? The one that came out in 2011, not the original foreign version. I'm thinking I may give it a go
  11. Lemme think. The Mist, National Security.
  12. Theres Something About Mary, thats a good comedy or Nothing To Lose is another good one.
  13. Oh, yeah. @[Dolph'sZiggler] watch A Beautiful Mind, Enough, The Girl Next Door. All pretty great movies, Enough is alright though.
  14. The Usual Suspects is a good crime one, Resevoir Dogs is good but if you dont like action you probably wont like this.
    The Thing is a good action/crime movie, could give that a go
  15. Never seen the Usual suspects because I've had the ending ruined for me so I don't see the point. Reservoir Dogs is my favorite movie by QT, who I love.

    no opinions on the girl with the dragon tattoo?
  16. What about the movies I said, and you seen all the Hannibal movies? If not, do so.


  17. Yeah i had the ending ruined too by my damn Granddad!
    One of my mates saw Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and said it was boring, but then again he is a moron so it will probably be amazing.
  18. What's the movie about and is it good?
  19. Hannibal movies as in the Silence of the Lambs? Course I've seen the original, I can't remember if I've seen sequels. I've seen the Girl Next Door a bunch of times because I used to be obsessed with Elisha Cuthbert. A Beautiful Mind I saw when I was really young because I loved Crow after Gladiator, but would probably appreciate it more now. Is 'Enough' the one where J-Lo is getting her ass beat by her husband and she learns to fight and then beats his ass? I've seen parts of that I'm pretty sure
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