What movies have you seen recently?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by ALUX, May 16, 2013.

  1. Iron Man 3. Good but my least favorite out of the 3.

  2. Star Trek in the darkness and it rocked.

    Ironman 3 watching tmz so hope its ok. Not building my hopes up.
  3. Iron Man 3 is the most recent for sure and I thought it was better than the second one and even meets the greatness of the first Iron Man.
  4. Saw Argo recently, it's brilliant and it has The Cranstinator in it! :fap:
  5. I saw Iron Man 3 recently and I thought it was good. I would say it's an improvement over the second film but it doesn't match the awesomeness of the first one.

    I also saw 42 last month, the biopic about Jackie Robinson and that was good as well. My only complaint was that the film really didn't go far enough as to what Jackie was experiencing when he first joined the Dodgers and that was a lot of racism. I mean they did show what the people were like toward him but I'm just saying they didn't go far enough if you know what I mean.
  6. The last one I've seen was Spring Breakers because my gf wanted to... It wasn't a good film imo. The best part was the topless scene LOL
  7. Iron man 3 and my second favorite of the 3. 2 was ass IMO
  8. I think he's trying to say no one tried to lynch him.
  9. Latest one is Iron Man 3. Will see Star Trek tomorrow.
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