Ring of Honor What needs to be done to improve ROH?

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  1. Pretty simple discussion topic. What needs to be done to improve on the current state of Ring of Honor? It can be minor things, it can be major things.

    Gap away folks!
  2. Get rid of QT Marshall.
  3. Not much they can do until they find another crop of young talented guys like they used to have. Perhaps spend a bit more money and try to lure some talent from TNA or Japan.
  4. It's a slow process to improve the company. I'm not sure what they can do to improve it drastically, but they've been doing a good job slowly making the company better each and every year.

    Sooner rather than later ROH will be the #2 wrestling company in the United States.
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  5. More kyle
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  6. Make sure people actually see world champs being fucking crowned.
  7. Sell everyone and everything to PWG.
  8. Because PWG has that kind of money.
  9. The tv show is kind of irrelevant i hardly watch it. It is so out of sync with the live events which is silly.They had the tournament quarterfinal matches on tv after the semi final matches had already happened. I get and understand the tv tapings and cost issues but for them not to put updates of real time roh activity is strange.
  10. I agree with the post above. The shows and PPV's need to be in sync.

    They just need to go back to how they used to be, instead of being something completely different than what got them success.
  11. Tag Team division needs a bit less Wolves and Dragon and more other teams, Some fresh new talent would be nice just to name a few: Brian Cage, Tony Nese, Willie Mack, Inner City Machine Guns etc.

    This may not be agreed by most but these random live events can be a bit confusing at times and more build is needed for iPPVs, I prefer 1 PPV or special live event a month with build up for it.
  12. That ain't happening in the near future. We all know how Gabe's relationship is with RoH.
  13. I wouldn't expect it to happen but thats just what I would like in ROH, Its a bitch that it wont happen because it is needed.
  14. Yeah, it definitely is annoying. I'm just imagining how a DGUSA/EVOLVE invasion would work out. :damn:
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