What new feud would spark interest for you?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Jun 29, 2017.

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  1. I think it is fair to say that a lot of what WWE has done over the last 2 years has been mostly mediocre at best. While we did have some amazing runs and storylines (KO and Jericho being my favorite) there hasn't been a whole lot to really remember. Well, at least to me.

    If you were given the option by WWE to declare a new fued between anyone on the current active roster, who would it be between and why would it peak your interest?
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  2. Samoa Joe/AJ Styles
    John Cena/Roman Reigns
    Shinsuke Nakumura/John Cena
    Shinsuke Nakumura/AJ Styles
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    Heel Becky Lynch/Daniel Bryan eventually Nikki Bella...
    Sasha Banks/Emma...
    Asuka/Anyone on the main roster...

    Baron Corbin/Luke Harper
    Neville/Finn Balor

    Samoa Joe/Joe Cena

    I'm sure there are more...but I just woke up...
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  4. John Cena vs Roman Reigns. It doesn't get any bigger than that!!
  5. Rumor is that is actually happening...possibly at SummerSlam or Wrestlemania...

    Cena is being booked as a "Free Agent" when he returns which will allow him
    show up wherever and whenever he wants.

    Frankly...I couldn't care less...but I'm sure plenty of other fans will be interested
    in it.
  6. @Jacob Fox Im telling u that's the new plan for wm34. I'm winning that $1000 bet we have i didnt forget
  7. The Miz vs Finn/Seth for the Universal Championship. Most if you know Miz is my favorite wrestler, and I think he's finally won people over. His first world title run was less than impressive, and I think he really deserves a second shot. Since he's the ultimate heel, he'd need a good babyface opponent like Finn and Seth and not Roman and sadly not Ambrose either
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  8. Rollins/AJ
    Pretty much anyone on the roster/AJ.
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  9. Styles vs Nakamura
    Styles vs Samoa Joe
    Styles vs Roode (a phenomenally glorious feud!)
    Styles vs Rollins
    Cena vs Reigns (just to see everyone who hates Cena get behind him because they hate Roman more)
    Kurt Angle vs HHH (only at Wrestlemania though)
    Kurt Angle vs Lesnar (this time Angle buries the beast)
    Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon (no glass this time, Kurt Angle overhead belly to belly shane off top rope through a table though)

    likely to never happen.....
    Daniel Bryan vs The Miz (after that episode of Talking Smack, i wanted this match so badly at Wrestlemania!)
    Daniel Bryan vs Kevin Owens (Owens is going down a similar route of hating on Bryan for Orton getting another shot)
    Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles
    Daniel Bryan vs Nakamura
    Daniel Bryan vs Shane McMahon (for outright control of smackdown)
    Daniel Bryan vs Kurt Angle (for control of Both brands)

    There are probably loads more matches if i really thought about it but initially off top of my head i'd take any of those
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  10. We'll see. I still don't see Cena laying down for RR.
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    And that is why its such an interesting match up...

    Well...for most fans. I personally don't care because #IgnoreReigns
  12. Broken Matt Hardy/Bray Wyatt purely for entertainment's sake.
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  13. I say a Roman Reigns heel turn would spark a lot of interest for me, period...With all the boos we have...it is the only way to fix all this...
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  14. I am seeing a pattern my man :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Nakamura/AJ or Joe/AJ will be the only rivalry that makes me start watching the product again than just checking the results every week.

    I will definitely watch Roman vs Cena if/when it happens though, because atleast one of them gets the burial treatment XD
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  15. Cena vs Reigns
    Strowman vs Lesnar
    Styles vs Nakamura
    Shane vs HHH

    That's a card I read before that was mostly fantasy booking, but right now if they book that I see zero issue with WM34
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  16. Nakamura vs Styles
    Nakamura vs Cena

    Heel Ambrose vs Face Rollins

    Tye Dillinger vs Kevin Owens

    Sami Zayn vs Mike Kennelis

  17. Nice choices! That would've made for an interesting show! :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. A complete and utter waste of 20+ minutes of a Wrestlemania show that would
    most likely lead to the women's division getting fuck all time again.

    Likely still the plan for SummerSlam...
    Yes...it should be the main event for the WWE title and they should be given as
    much time as they want/need.
    While I personally wouldn't care...this match could easily main event SummerSlam,
    Survivor Series or Wrestlemania to great success.
  19. Very torn on this one. On one hand, it's the only logical use of either of these guys. I don't want to see any of the wrestlers forced to shoehorn these two on the card when they can do more interesting things... On the other these guys would in theory have anti-chemistry, and the thought of a Smackdown vs Raw battle or more McMahon infighting is really the last thing I want to see.

    It's a 5 hour show, there should still be time for the women... but yeah, this year's show could have used -10 minutes on that Rollins/HHH battle, +5 to each women's match.

    Roman's getting the title shot at Summerslam, no?

    Damn straight. It's the only thing to hold on to on the Smackdown side right now, that they're just killing time in 2017 before pushing the talented people next year.

    I... Can't help but get excited about this one even in a weird, ironic way. The match itself could overdeliver, I guess?.. Still, just imagining our threads in the buildup sounds like a disaster. ARE THEY REALLY GOING TO MAIN EVENT ROMAN AND CENA OVER AJ AND NAK. The #IgnoreReigns conversation is so stressful, all the time. Lol
  20. I understand the history and possible stories that could be told...but...
    their time has passed as performers and the Wrestlemania card needs
    to used to showcase younger talent.
    It should have been Rollins vs. Styles for the opportunity to change brands
    with Shane & Triple H not even being on the card. That would have given
    the ladies an extra 20 minutes to work with and shown off a "dream match"
    between two of the best workers in wrestling today.
    Don't know...Don't care...
    I'm done talking about #IgnoreReigns...just because Vince puts him out front
    and center doesn't mean I have to pay attention to him.

    If the WWE truly believes any reaction is good reaction (then why do they edit
    the footage and sound of their shows to make it look like people actually like
    #IgnoreReigns?) then the WWE are not getting any reaction from me.

    On a personal note...it would make sense for Cena/#IgnoreReigns to main event
    over Styles/Nakamura...simply because Cena & #IgnoreReigns have been in the
    WWE longer and are bigger WWE stars.

    The WWE would no doubt book a Styles/Nakamura match to take place halfway
    through the card as to not draw too much attention away from Cena/#IgnoreReigns.

    The real problem with the WWE is that they are for the most part very predictable...
    which is why I'm fine with Jinder Mahal being the World Champion and why I would
    be ecstatic if Joe became the Universal Champion.

    I like a shocking result...as long as it pushes new talent and will benefit the company
    in some way.

    Jinder defeating Randy at Backlash did that in my opinion.

    Now the opposite of that would be say...Lana defeating Naomi...no one would benefit
    from that and the entire women's division would suffer as a result.

    Just thinking out loud...