What next for Cesaro then?

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  1. He seems to be back on track after last night. He actually won a match - all be it against Ryder - and proceeded to cut a fantastic promo afterwards. Is he back on the pushing train, if so, where too? Surely not the US championship again, but I don't see him going for any of the two big ones.
  2. He's been back on track since Wednesday after what can only be described as a 4star carry job with Kofi. My guess is he is being fine tuned for upper mid card status. Perhaps the MITB case for the WHC. Likely a personal feud against another midcarder as well.
  3. Main Event doesn't count, regardless of how good the match was, lol.
  4. In what way doesn't it count? The events of Main Event carried over to this week's RAW since focus was put on Cesaro's match with Kofi and his actions afterwards as the catalys of what we saw yesterday. Obviously it counts.
  5. It's a jobber show. Anyone can win on main event and then be irrelevant again on RAW the next week. It has no storyline build or anything.

    "Oh, someone won on Main Event, they're obviously in for a push" - no one said ever. Doesn't Miz win on main event? Lol.
  6. Just because it isn't mayor events that happen on the show doesn't mean it's not important. This restart for Cesaro being an obvious case. He did not need some major event on RAW to refocus his character. He simply needed a little pre match promo on Main Event were he voiced his anger over being overlooked and feeling like he had his title stolen from him. To then lose the rematch in a way that made him feel like he had been robbed of it, again not that major a incident, pushed him over the edge. Leading to him going over the edge and the following backstage attack on Kofi. A minor action on the "jobber show" here effectively lead to his character finding a new focus and momentum. It certainly meant more for his direction then beating Zack Ryder.

    Just because it doesn't happen on RAW doesn't make it unimportant by default. The purpose of Main Event was at its start to be a place for the lesser storylines to develop and that's just what happened last Wednesday.
  7. You're clearly missing the point. A push means nothing if it's not showcased on your main show. He could have an undefeated streak and unlimited promo time on main event, but if he was still losing on RAW, he'd continue to be irrelevant. So what if this new thing started on Main Event, as long as it happened on RAW, it's serious. That's the point.

    Anyway, I like that MITB idea. Gives him a long period of time to work his character out, and have a nice steady push, instead of a rushed one. There's no space in the main event atm, and won't be for a while, so he can hold the case for a long time. He's definitely the favourite to hold that, but when is MITB?
  8. MITB is in July isn't it? There's ER in May and Payback in June if I remember correctly. That would mean MITB in July and Summerslam in August. Cesaro winning the blue case (I don't see them giving him the red one) and then holding it up until January sounds about right to me. Letting him feud with other guys in the main event cusp. Maybe a face Rollins, a face Cody. Christian is also always and option. Hell, Bryan could also work and would give us some amazing matches. They can even let him do a short tag team feud if needed (paging Kassius Ohno).
  9. Pushing him over to SmackDown does seem the obvious choice, as he can have a load of good matches there too. Dolph won't have the longest reign in the world, so I could see Cesaro going after the face that takes it off of him, though I have no idea who that'd be either. WWE seems so behind on faces.

    I love that Cesaro has seemingly ditched the language crap and the anti-America crap.
  10. The Swiss superpower gimmick (my name for his current character nicked from his shirt) fits him well. He's a wrestling machine so they should play on that as his strength. I could see someone like Christian managing to steal the belt off of Dolph only for Cesaro to come out and immediately cash in. Him or Jericho.
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