What next for CM Punk?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jun 17, 2013.

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  1. With his beat Y2J AGAIN! What do you think is next for him to do in feud going in to MITB PPV? With SummerSlam 2 Month that have time to turn CM Punk face. But who does he face at MITB PPV? Since we going to wait until SummerSlam for Punk vs. Brock. so who will vs. at MITB? or will he be in the MITB Ladder match!? What do you all thing?

  2. It's too early for him to face brock.

  3. at summerslam that will vs. one another but what about mitb ppv?
  4. It's too early to do that at SS, at MITB I doubt he'll wrestle.
  5. Probably win the MITB. That'd be cool
  6. It was noted in another thread that Punk didn't look completely focused at times in last night's match (it was even brought up on commentary) and I think that'll somehow tie into his split with Paul Heyman. They can play it up as if Heyman has rushed Punk back before he was fully ready and the next thing Heyman wants is for Punk to win the MITB briefcase and reclaim the WWE Title. Punk wants to take more time off though, but because of Heyman's brilliant persuasive skills, he talks Punk into going for it. Maybe Punk DOES win the briefcase and then it's he and Cena for the title at Summerslam. (Yes, I know it was reported that Vince didn't want to see the feud again for awhile, but it would make sense for the purposes of the Punk/Heyman split angle. An alternate idea is Bryan winning the belt at MITB and it being him defending against Punk at Summerslam but I don't think we'll be that lucky.)

    Given that Heyman nearly cost Punk the match at one point last night (when Heyman got on the apron and caused Punk to lose focus and nearly get pinned in a roll up), I could foresee the same happening at Summerslam, only he actually does cost Punk the match somehow then. (Let's also note that after the Payback PPV, Punk told Heyman he wasn't a client of his like Lesnar and Axel, but rather a friend. This could already rub Heyman the wrong way and put them on opposite pages.) This starts the official dissension between them. Punk flat out tells Heyman afterwards they are done, and that while he'll always respect Paul, he doesn't need him, never did, and certainly doesn't now if he's gonna get involved and accidentally cost him his matches. This angers Paul, and he sees the light, which is that Punk needs to be taught a lesson for turning his back on him. He sics Brock Lesnar on him, and that feud erupts and occurs throughout the fall. (This feud has ALWAYS been rumored for the fall, for the record, not the summer.)
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