WrestleMania What next for CM Punk?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 27, 2012.

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    Ok guy don't play dumb we ALL KNOW that CM Punk is Retiring at WrestleMania 28? So Who do you think he will vs. next at Extreme Rules for the WWE Champion? ​
  2. OMG

    Seriously... Type slower and proofread. I'm assuming you mean retiring?

    If he does I'll be surprised. He will lose at WM but he should be around a while
  3. He meant retaining I think.

    He'll feud with Christian or Barrett I think.
  4. Christian most likely.
  5. Who knows what the guy means at any time. Maybe people who sign up should be able read and write at a kindergarten level. Can this be implemented?
  6. The Christian beating is one of those moments where a month or two later that superstar comes back for revenge. Take a look at Kane, he brought up the hand-shaking last summer and more.

    It is always those moments where sooner or later these superstars will take advantage of it and build a great feud from it.

    So yes, Christian and Punk it is headlining the main event of Extreme Rules.
  7. You're going to love this guy's posts once you get used to him.

    He feuds with Kane at Extreme Rules, he's the only semi-viable opponent. (Maybe Tensai, I guess). But he'll be drafted to SD after that.
  9. I see a feud with Chris Benoit
  10. With Jericho re-signing I don't see Punk feuding with anyone else than Jericho after WM, so maybe Jericho does get the win in Miami.
  11. No Punk will win he need it more then Y2J does!

  12. Why make it, if you gonna hate on dudes here?
  13. did u not see what said about or any other the other reply he said about me dude? And comment is a him be asshole to me.
  14. He may over-did it to you, I agree. But no offence, but it was a bit weird to read retiring instead of retaining, right? :emoji_wink:
  15. yet but my spelling not the best. but this guy has hate from start so he find anyway to get at me.
  16. Best post since "HELL NO HE FUCK SUCK!"
    No offense to Darkside.

    If Punk gets screwed out of the title at 'Mania... Then Jericho continues doing what he's doing... Punk will want his title back AND want to tear Jericho apart for all he's done... and he'd be able to do so under Extreme Rules... Wow...

    If they don't want Punk vs Kane at ER, Jericho has to win, doesn't he?
  17. he not going to! Punk WILL WIN!
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