What Next for Curtis Axel?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by airbourne908, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. After Money in the Bank, I doubt he'll face Miz again. Who do you think will be Axel's next challenger? Unless WWE doesn't care and just puts Miz back on him. Unless they don't have a match (which I doubt) and has him in Brock's corner and SummerSlam. I don't really know.
  2. After impressing me with his debut and subsequent IC title win, they've really dropped the ball. He needs to be involved in his own angle, preferably with a veteran who can put him over. It's too bad Jericho is gone and Foley is retired, they'd be perfect (pun intended).
  3. Will Rey be ready in time? He'd be a great opponent.

    Disagree with the ball being dropped with Axel, but mainly because it's hard to do so. Him just having a reason to have that belt already makes this the best IC title reign in years.
  4. He will almost certainly have some more involvement with Punk leading up to the SS match w/ Lesnar. AKA he will job on Raw a time or two.

    Can he juggle that and a feud of his own? Not sure, but I assume he will be on the card (or--- gasp---- KICK OFF SHOW!). Mid card face challengers, let's see here:

    Christian- feuding with Ambrose
    Ziggler- Big E :/
    Kofi Kingston return? Perhaps, especially since it seems likely to me that Axel could wind up in a throw in match at SS, without much build.
    RVD- more likely to wind up jobbing to ADR
    Miz- I think we've seen enough of those two
    Fandango- not exactly a face, but I could see them throwing him into an IC title match. "We like Axel, but he has nobody to feud with. We love Fandango, but he isn't doing much. TO THE DEATH, IS SAY!'
    Rhodes- Sandow

    So yea, there really just aren't many free faces atm, so by default Axel is left without much direction for the time being.
  5. His only role for Summerslam may be as a run in during the Punk/Lesnar match. A sad position for an Intercontinental Champion to be in on the big summer PPV, but other than another match with Miz or a match against a returning Kofi Kingston, I don't see an opponent for him unless he gets into it with a returning Big Show (he makes his anticipated return this Monday.) But I don't foresee a rivalry between those two and I won't be crossing my fingers hoping for one either.
  6. Kofi is rumored to be back in two weeks. I could see them do a program since Kofi is the WWE mid card. Unless they realize Ryder needs more burying.
  7. Triple threat match involving Miz, Axel and Kofi? Don't really know and don't really care. I only want to watch a match for the IC title at SS
  8. If it means Ryder is on a PPV card, im down.
  9. Joe Hennig sucks he shouldnt even be in WWE he had his chance on NXT 2 and he failed WWE should of released him then. Its just an insult to better talent seeing him get pushed and given the IC title straight away
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  11. Triple H?
  12. Not bothered I'm not feeling the hype.
  13. He's working with Ryder and Slater on the house show circuit right now. That might become something in the future.
  14. What about Big Show? Maybe they will switch him to a face when he comes back? He always does the heel thing it seems.
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