What next for Ryback after losing to Cena?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 14, 2013.

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  1. I'm pretty sure he's losing, as is everyone else, so what is next for him after Extreme Rules?
  2. Rematch at Payback, I guess.
  3. Rematch, I'm guessing. The match this Sunday might end in a draw. Since they kinda teased a Cena/Henry feud the night after Wrestlemania, maybe Henry will beat Sheamus and feel he deserves a title shot and we'll get a triple threat between Cena, Ryback and Henry at Payback.
  4. Hopefully WWE realizes the guy is as dull as dishwater and depushes him quickly.
  5. Seems they've been doing that for the past several months lol. Him losing at Extreme Rules makes him 0-9 in big matches.
  6. That's the problem I had with the feud, Ryback probably loses at Payback too then what? I wonder if WWE would want Ryback to face guys like Y2J or Orton or even Sheamus to help him become a better Wrestler, and more in tone with his heel run he's doing right now.
  7. Probably get a rematch at Payback and then get in a feud with a random face.
  8. FTFY

    He'll go on to defeat everyone on the roster till he faces John Cena again, who will take Ryback to his limits before they both collapse for a 10 count.
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  9. Ahh......He squashes Christian or another returning superstar for 2 months hoping to build him back up from the damage the Cena win will have. It wont work.
  10. Hopefully time off and a babyface return.
  12. I'd mark the whole way.
  13. The return of Skip Sheffield is upon us.
  14. It's quite obvious,he'll turn babyface,join Tons of Funk and main event SMS every week.
  15. We will get DQ in a Last man standing match #GOD
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