What next for Sheamus and Show?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. Presuming Sheamus doesn't win the rematch against Show, what happens after? Sheamus has been in the WHC scene for a long time now, I guess he could feud with Barrett or heel Orton but I'm firing blanks for ideas for fella. AS for Show, I find it even harder. Who's the next big face to challenge him? I swear to God I'll cry if it's face Orton.
  2. Maybe they decide to try something new and let Punk and Sheamus feud around TLC if Ryback and Punk are done. A feud with Punk could give Sheamus some momentum and it could give us Ryback vs Show. Plus it keeps Cena in this corporate storyline
  3. That was my fear, and I think it's highly likely. That's disgusting, Sheamus needs to get the fuck away from RAW.
  4. I wish Ryback and Sheamus would swap fueds at the moment. I'm already getting fed up with Ryback, he needs to debut some new moves and compete in some longer matches lower in the card before he's so far up the card. I don't particularly want to see Sheamus and Punk, but he's one of the few babyfaces with credibility and he and Punk could have a decent match.
  5. Ziggler currently feuding with John Cena.
    Ryback currently feuding with CM Punk.
    The Miz currently feuding with Kofi Kingston.
    The Rhodes Scholars currently feuding Kane and Daniel Bryan.
    Sheamus feuds with Wade Barrett.
    Big Show feuds with Randy Orton.
    Alberto Del Rio feuds with Christian.
  6. I guess a feud swap is what's going to happen.
  7. Well they have announced the main event for the live Smackdown Supershow in Birmingham, its basically Sheamus challenging Big Show for his title that night.
    So im guessing here that they are waiting to see what happens with that event before anything else changes.
    Thats my opinion anyway
  8. Dolph Ziggler cashes in and feuds with Daniel Bryan after they break up the tag team. That would be awesome. I doubt it though.
  9. It'll end up being an interference, Big Show walks out or Big Show loses due to DQ therefore still retaining his Championships.
  10. Wasn't Sheamus being nice? But Big Show changed his mood. :gusta:
  11. Sheamus is horrible. Incredibly lazy in the ring and horrible on the microphone.
  12. :true:
  13. Add to the fact that he sounds forced when he is trying to be nice and it becomes cringe worthy. Sheamus has the look of a career villain. He should only play bad guys.
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  14. Yeah I know, im guessing they are saving it for Survivor Series maybe or even TLC, who knows??
  15. @[UkSciFiGirl] They are.
  16. Hopefully they fall in a wormhole and never come back. :dawg:

    I was happy that Show beat Sheamus, I can't stand Shemaus, but that still doesn't change the fact that Show is also pretty damn boring.
  17. I'm just glad it's off Sheamus.
  18. What sucks for Sheamus is that even with the belt, his poor skill on the mic meant he was always playing second fiddle to RO on SD .. gonna be even harder now...
  19. This. Somehow Sheamus sucked on the mic even more than a face Orton. Both those guys need to be heel to be entertaining I think.
  20. Sheamus and Orton are decent mic workers as heels to be honest, it's no myth that heels get much more freedom on the mic. Sheamus and Orton both look like pricks. The reason Orton got over so much is because he was such a good sadistic heel over the years and when another heel comes along they wanted that coward heel to go up against someone like Orton, so naturally he got cheered and then you have a massive face. But he is lost as a face, give him a major angle to revert back to a heel imo, and no don't feed him to Cena.
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