What now for Steen?

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    So Steen lost the ROH title last Sunday at Supercard. To add to that he was then kicked out of SCUM in favor of Corino's new golden boy (I'm not saying who :dawg:). Corino then announced that Steen would never be seen in ROH again.

    So what does that leave for Steen? Is he really on his way out of the company? Is he going somewhere else? Is this just a set up for Steen returning to save the company from SCUM?

    He does have bad knees so it could be a way to write him out so he can allow them to heal up. But if he shows up on the indy scene I find that unlikely. TNA or WWE might have noticed him finally but if so I say they have done so under our noses. Or maybe the Kevin Steen show (He's doing a talk show DVD series) is already renewed for more shows or something. Hard to tell with easily the biggest independent name in America now. I don't know what to believe just yet.

  2. Steen as ROH's dark knight? I'd be down for it but he could come to the ring in a tutu and I'd mark (please don't read this Vince I don't give you money anyway) I think he mentioned signing a contract recently so I don't think he's going anywhere although It'd be interesting to see him in TNA.

    Ignore spoiler if you don't want to be spoiled as I want to check the spoiler I read is a true reason to spoil the show.

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    Are they pushing Matt Fucking Hardy as their leader?
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    I think Corino is obviously the leader. Hardy is the golden goose in his eyes.
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    :cornette: so you go from the hottest thing in the company, possibly the whole indie scene for the past 2 years to Corino or Hardy? Neither of them justify this especially when Jacobs is there. He could easily be the boy in this stable and has kayfab motives such as Steen ending his ROH career a few years ago
  5. This might be the nail in the coffin for me. I don't know if I can continue watching with what happened. Nice story for Brisco, but everything else that surrounded it sucked. I was such a huge RoH fanboy. Those days might be over if they don't give me a reason to care again.
  6. Yeah this does seem to be one of the major points in the chapter detailing the death of ROH.
  7. God I hope he comes to WWE/TNA, but I doubt it. Can't comment on the storyline or anything, but I would really like him to finally step up.
  8. He recently signed to ROH for a few years, WWE would castrate him and TNA is too packed. Give it a year then have him step him, he's only 28 now.
  9. The fact that Steen is only 28 is mindboggling. He looks much older, I expected mid 30's.
  10. Agreed, the beard ages him a ton IMO.
  11. The gut also adds to it. If he could just slim down a little bit, not a lot just so that he is husky instead of beer belly he would be even more amazing. Plus it would probably ease up his knees to not have to carry as much weight.
  12. He does have a humongous gut.
  13. Yup. The kind built by carbs. He has expanded forward instead of all around.
  15. I would be okay if he was all around fat instead of just poking straight forward like a pimple or a pregnant lady.
  16. This.

    He looks like a lower cased letter b <--
  17. I like his fatassness it makes him unique, also his knees are shot from the big spots more than the weight. It doesn't help but I doubt it'll hinder him either.
  18. As I said I like his fatassiness as well. Just not how his fat is distributed. He should be fat more like Joe instead of having it all in front of him.
  19. I don't mind his fatness either, the dude is still a beast.
  20. Did Joe and Steen ever cross paths? If so I need to watch and :fap:
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