What on NXT do you want to see on Raw?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. We had threads about things on Raw we'd like to see on Impact, stuff on Impact we'd like to see on Raw, so here's the NXT one.

    Granted it's harder to judge what from NXT will work on Raw since it's very self-contained and there's no PPV hype or card structure, but surely there are some things that they do on NXT that could help Raw be watchable again.

    Not counting the talents (we have other threads for that), what do you think Raw could use?
  2. Less recaps like NXT. :dawg:

    NXT does all the recaps for a minute or two in the beginning and the rest of the hour (40 minutes) is just matches. I quite like that structure better than have a million recaps throughout the show.
  3. Ohno and Paige :gusta:
  4. Good matches, good writing, interesting characters, a good color commentator, no useless filler and no twitter plugs.
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  6. what
  8. God damnit, get the fuck out here. NXT is still going on you fucking dickwad.
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  9. NXT has more interesting gimmicks. Focus more on wrestling, divas get TV time, Regal...
  10. Writing being done by wrestling writers.
  11. No soap operas
  12. better Divas wrestling , better storylines for the Divas, less talking more wrestling, good commentary, more serious wrestling, less Giants dancing with midgets
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  13. Less recaps and a shorter program.
  14. New Gimmicks & Maybe 20 minutes for young talent from NXT
  15. lol'd
  16. Lol,NXT even has it's own section on WWE.com,you'd have to be completely oblivious to not know that NXT was still around.
  17. I'd like to see Paige's cute lil' butt on Raw. :gusta:
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  18. Welcome to Gohan. He's very special in that he doesn't accept that things change. NXT is still dead in his world and Impact is a shit show which failed in competing with RAW on Mondays.

    Just ignore him.
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