What other out-of-kayfabe things or stereotypes could they throw in the Corporation angle?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Sep 29, 2013.

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  1. (If one of you wordsmith mods wants to rewrite the title into something more readable, go ahead)

    Was just rewatching the opening segment of Raw and saw them mention "Daniel Bryan is taking your spot yet again! Isn't that the spot you want? Shouldn't you all hate him for it?" ya know, something we've been saying about Cena and the rest of the roster for years. Was a brilliant line, but it got me thinking: What other lines could you create? What other stuff could you bring up?

    What about the alleged refunds that one cable company gave out? Once Vince turns face, that would be a brilliant thing to bring up. "Good for business? You're costing me money!" Ooooh: Maybe have Big E Langston join the Rebellion, since Vince hates black guys so much (or so people say). Would be hilarious watching HHH squirm and try to avoid saying that, but subtly hinting at the racism.

    Anyway, do you guys know of anything we say the Corporation can exploit? Get creative. :emoji_wink:
  2. I think they've been doing that pretty well as of late. Pretty sure it doesn't make sense to a few casuals but I'm very entertained by it, so good. Useless reply though as I have no ideas :downer:
  3. Have HHH mention the dirt sheets. I'm not sure it'd be lost on the casuals either since everyone knows there are gossip magazines in Hollywood and other entertainment fields, so people should assume they exist in wrestling as well and the average casual fan may have even heard them referred to as "dirt sheets" before. Even if they haven't, HHH could immediately explain real quick in passing what they are ("the dirt sheets... ya know, the gossip mags that exist in our business.")

    There's so many things you could pick out as a way of referencing/putting down the dirt sheets, but one thing that could be mentioned on this next upcoming Raw is HHH mocking the dirt sheets for thinking that the Randy Orton/Daniel Bryan match at Battleground would be an Iron Man match. That was rumored for real a couple of weeks back and it would make sense to mention it on screen without breaking kayfabe completely because the audience would know the brass backstage may have been contemplating adding a stip to the match. But in this case, mock them for not having their info correct (though I suspect they WILL make it an iron man match, so this might not be the best example to use) and then name drop guys like Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez and have HHH look to the camera and say how they were "wrong again." (Put strong emphasis on those last two words, too.) HHH could maybe even say "Dave, buddy, how did ya ever keep this job this long being wrong so many times. Maybe it's time for you to retire and look for work elsewhere." Or maybe just have him reference Dave Meltzer as a guy who's managed to make a career out of being wrong so many times.

    Dave Meltzer lost his shit and flipped out when HHH made the comments about Doink The Clown a few weeks or so back. Imagine how he might react if HHH ran him down (of course, he might take pride that he was considered important enough to be mentioned on-screen. I could see him laughing about it on his Wrestling Observer radio podcast.)
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  4. I'd mark so hard if HHH buried Meltzer or Alvarez. Also laugh a great deal when they complain about it the next day :lol1:
  5. Trips is such a pansy when it comes to sh** like this...he did it with the Austin/Sheriff gimmick... he did it with up and coming cats like MVP in 08 when MVP kinda needed the rub at the time...

    Back on topic...Once you break kayfabe there isn't really another level you can go...it undermines wrestling and no good truly comes from it... suspending belief is what makes a circus so special

    I love the thread, but Triple H breaks it so often he really just seems like a do****bag.... I like it... but its kind of wrong to basically s*** on people who do that job for a living only to be scraped away by 'real life' comments that injure careers

    I joke alot... but I respect what those cats do day in and day out... breaking kayfabe.. while funny is uncalled for... If Trips really has balls he could break kayfabe on Taker... THAT would be ballsy
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  6. They've been very entertaining about pretending to break kayfabe lately. It's just like the CM Punk "PIPEBOMB" that everyone thought was a "shoot". They work the smarts, and they do it well.
  7. Off topic, but what is every ones problem with Meltzer?

  8. His reports are usually just bullshit. And are allmost always along the lines off "So reports say Big Show may be injured, but he was seen walking so he may not be". Pretty funny shit actually :obama:
  9. Dirtsheets are all absolute bullshit written by ****s.
  10. On topic; We need more of Triple H talking about burials

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  11. It mostly revolves around the fact he considers his reports to be gospel... when he's really just a clairvoyant who predicts his reports based on where he THINKS an angle will go based on intuition and/or previous experience

    A lesser point is that his star rating system is considered in high regard when the majority of his five star matches are rated on completely different value systems (wrestling quality, feud bitterness, length of match)

    I have no serious issue with match rating system too much... but its embarrassing to post his reports sometimes because his information can be unreliable and the person who posts it on their forum feels like a d***

    Meltzer made his rep based on inside information from reliable sources *cough* The Rock *cough*... it seems whomever source is has now either unreliable or nonexistent

  12. Oh dude I just lost my shit watching that. We need a good 10 minutes of him naming other shit he's buried from recent promos.
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  13. They aren't working anyone and also Punk's pipebomb promo wasn't scripted.

  14. Of course it wasn't!!! Sure thing.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Yeah man, you're right. CM Punk totally wished death upon his boss, and got the biggest push out of his career out of it. Haha... as if anything off script would ever make it on TV. I get it though. CM Punk is the way they got to you nerdy types. "ohhh he said ROH, it's so real!! omg he said WRESTLER and COLT CABANA! What a rebel!" All he needed to do was say Chris Benoit on TV and you would have really busted a nut. "it's a shoot!! it's a shoot!! i'm shooting!!" hahahahaha
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  17. I actually don't mind him that much. Despite what I wrote in my original post, I don't find the dirt sheets or Meltzer that bad, but WWE obviously doesn't care for them and mentioning them in a negative tone is something I could see HHH do that would still be entertaining.

    I think Meltzer gets way too much flack, personally. The main thing that annoys me about him is his fan boys rather than the man himself... the ones who act as if his reporting of something is automatically gospel just because his name is attached to it (though he has been correct a number of times, as have all dirt sheets at some point), or especially the ones who take his match rating system as absolute. I hate giving star rating matches (or anything) and it annoys me to hear how great of a match I have to except something as just because it was given five stars (or however high) by Meltzer.

    And in regards to the CM Punk shoot... it was obviously a "worked shoot" from the very start. I was surprised there were so many people who were duped into thinking otherwise considering the number of worked shoots there had already been in the history of wrestling. And if there really is still any kind of mystery with some people, HHH even came out and confirmed it in an interview that it was planned beforehand.

  18. He was given the mic and told to air his thoughts, He got a push because they wanted to resign him. I am barely a Punk fan, I like him but he isn't my favourite, You are a smark mocking smarks and it pathetic.
  19. it pathetic!!! Yeah you got me there man. If you're so hung up on labels; I'm a fan, making fun of silly boys who are dying to believe the work is a shoot.
  20. You are a "fan" who comes here and trashes on everyone calling us ****s, twats, dunderheads and silly boys.
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