What players do you want to come to your club this summer?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zach, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. For Liverpool, I'd fucking pee myself if we got Griezmann or Kroos, two of my favorite players outside the Premier League. However I think that if Kroos leaves it's going to be to Man U.
  2. Sign most of the guy's we've had on loan this season on permos and then sign players who will help us get out of the Championship.
  3. For Madrid...Pogba can come if Xabi leaves. What I'm tempted to want is Suarez over Aguero because Suarez can actually play a false 9, and I think a right back will be good.
  4. Team?
  5. We need Griezmann so much; such a talented player. I think Kroos is just using our interest to get a better deal from Bayern.
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  6. He's Bolton.
  7. Fuck you, if we get Griezmann you can have Kroos.
  8. Defenders, defenders and defenders. We will probably sell Skrtel/Agger or both this summer and we need defenders that don't give away goals (Kolokolo and Skrtel). Even though Skrtel been decent this season in few games, he does not cut it. Glenno will probably leave aswell, which is good, he has lost it. We need wing backs. I would love Ricardo Rodriguez from Wolfsburg and Martin Montoya from Barcelona. And strengthen the squad so we won't be as vulnerable to injuries as we are now. But one player I would love is Miralem Pjanic, what a fucking player.
  9. Bolton Wanderers.
  10. Falcao to Madrid
  11. Likely to happen imo. Or Suarez which I think is even more likely.
  12. Just imagine Liverpool fans reaction if it did....
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