What Pokemon Are you?

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  1. Take the quiz --- > Which Pokémon Are You? [QUIZ]

    And then post your results!

    Mine :


    "You're Mewtwo! You're introspective, deeply intellectual and have a curiosity for knowledge. When there's a trivia game involved, all your friends want to be on your team."
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    That's me, a heart of goal.
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  3. lol MTV.
    I am also Mewtwo.
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    You're Meowth! You're super smart and known as the sarcastic one of your friends. You tend to think you're an evil genius, even though you're far from it. Still - quirks and all, you're pretty darn lovable.
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  5. Got meowth too :meh:
  6. :trollpoke:
  7. [​IMG]

    edit: btw they were spot on with the caption.
    You're extremely loyal and care very deeply about your friends. You might not have a huge group of friends, but you give 100% to your awesome little crew. You're bright, helpful and ~ light up ~ any room you walk into (get it? Electricity).
  8. Mewtwo as well
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  9. [​IMG]
    You're Charmander! You're ambitious and the life of the party. Sometimes you let your ego get the best of you, but that's just because YOU'RE AWESOME BRO AND EVERYONE WHO DISAGREES IS WRONG. (Yea that sound just about right and whoever wants to talk shit I can evolve into a Mega Charizard)
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