What promotions do you recommend I watch? Should I buy this?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, Feb 10, 2014.

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  1. I might buy 2 but I don't really know. I was gonna post it in the Locker Room section but I was like.. THIS IS OTHER WRESTLING shiz. Now, I used to be only a PWG person. But I've been slowly expanding myself to NJPW, RoH (I used to watch it, I remember the last episode I watched had Kyle O'Reilly in the Prospects shit. I remember him beating Jon Gresham. I had the channel when I had directTV), DGUSA, Evolve, and I've been trying to watch more (So if you have any promotions to recommend, ye recommend them). But, this is about buying this. http://www.dgusa.tv/content/dgusa-do-you-feel-lucky-dvd-grab-bag You get 4 DVDs and none of them will be the same. I was thinking about either buying 2 or 3 of this. Would you recommend this? What other Indy Promotions do you recommend me to search up and watch?
  2. Watch AAA with me please <3
  3. AAA? I'll start watching it now, Just for you stinky cheese <3
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  4. So, I wanna say AAA has something to do with Lucha Libre styled wrestling. I'll search it up when I get off work.
  5. AAW is solid. Features guys like Elgin, Shane Hollister, Ohio is 4 Killers (tag team), Silas young and ACH as regulars, also mixing in Davey, Kyle, Steen and such.
    Evolve's 3 latest shows were all real good (25-28)
    DGUSA's latest shows were solid but had some lighting issues.
    Dragon Gate Japan is good, they have a strong young roster but suffer from some wacky booking. But it's fun.
  6. FCW was the devopmental promotion for WWE turned to NXT right?
  7. Not a bad deal 4 for $20.
  8. Word I wonder if there is any footage of Sandow/Titus O'Neil during their tag team championship reign on any of those DVDs for FCW.
    Fack, the fact that it's random has me hesitating but I am still intrigued by it.. Possibly if I manage to get an extra $20 within the near future.
  9. If you ever want to watch real female wrestling, SHINE is really good.
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  10. DGUSA and EVOLVE put out solid shows on the reg.
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