News What quote got Dolph in hot water...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jan 22, 2014.

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  1. Dat golden boy pull from Orton.
  2. I wanna be in hot water. It's freaking cold here. :sad:
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  3. God damn Randy Orton now that Cena promo from a few months back becomes even more telling.
  4. Obviously I prefer Ziggler to Orton but what a stupid thing to say.
  5. I really don't think it was all that bad, especially not enough to warrant them to stop his push, but then again I'm not the short-fused Authority.
  6. Ziggler would fuck Orton up lol
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  7. You really wanna go down this road? :pity1:
  8. He would absolutely fuck his whole world up
  9. DZ is Ohio blood,
    ^ Old School Kent State pic of Mr. Nemeth :emoji_wink:

    Orton is just some military loser who got court marshalled for going awol twice and not listening to authority and ended up in military prison for like a month then got kicked out for bad conduct.

    Show Off v Brat, I gotta go with the Show Off :emoji_slight_smile:
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  10. In the annals of history there have been many stories that left the fans scratching their heads. Like, "Who was behind GTV?" And "Who was really supposed to be the Anonymous GM?" and "Dammit, Russo! Who the hell were those ninjas?" Add "How much more money would Kofi, Kennedy, Ziggler... anyone else I'm forgetting draw for WWE than Orton has?" to that list.
  11. I don't see why it's even a bad thing to say. GG Authority, GG.
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  13. Dolph should bring back
    In order to Stop the Authority!
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  14. I read this and saw nothing wrong with it. I don't get how he can get in trouble for this but it is perfectly fine for Randy to blast a certain diva on a live radio show.
    Apparently there is much favoritism in this company. DZ would own Orton in real life fighting. He already out wrestles him in the ring. Randy SNOREton.
  15. After reading the interview initially I was like lol what did he say I didn't catch it.. Then I did at the last part of it.. I was like REALLY?? Man I can't see that.
    If that is really the comments he made that put him in hot water than I don't know how they could be running a company.. To put it in the words of Enzo Amore and Big Cass...
  16. :sad1: HHH LOGIC
  17. Guess I'm missing something here because all I read were the words of a guy with a tremendous amount of confidence of himself and his in-ring ability. He basically just stated that he goes out and tries to perform to the best of his ability each and every night and doesn't mind telling people when he thinks he does it better than anyone else. Hardly worthy of a burial.

    Considering how much the company struggles to come up with anything relevant for him anyways, I think it was most likely a case of pushing him but quickly getting bored of him again and thus sending him back to the undercard in short order. Same thing happened in early 2013 as well after he feuded with John Cena.
  18. Dolph Ziggler basically says he could beat up Randy Orton in a back alley lol Dolph you shouldnt of said that no wonder your jobbing and also these concussions doesnt help your career either
  19. I don't think it was that bad, but I suppose if they want a reason to stop pushing him then they'll use anything.
  20. I bet Randy was scared, cried and ran to Vince. Thus, Dolph's being depushed (this isn't a word?).

    inb4 Lockard
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