What raw need to do to improve ratings

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheWUKMaster, Oct 2, 2016.

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  1. So Raw has been low in ratings so i am here to tell you what they need to do get high ratings

    1. Start at an earlier time

    So raw start in my country at 1am so for the worldwide viewer they can start and hour early so at midnight or 6:30pm in america. And if your country like india starts at like 5am maybe recorded it and then show it at a more watchable time

    2. Put raw on a new channel

    Now this goes for all the channels like sky sports or usa as many people dont have cable so maybe raw in the usa can be on nbc and in the uk it can be on itv as ALL WE SHOW IS BLODDY GAMBLING TILL 3 IN THE F**KING MORNING. Ok rant over but yeah put raw on a new channel for more viewers

    3. Get some classic wrestlers back as a guest ref , host or gm

    So yeah we have mick foley on raw which is good but maybe we could have other classic wrestlers like Kurt Angle or Sting and bey Sting can face off againest tumba.. i mean trible h

    4. Let the viewer make the matches

    So yeah i know we had cyber sunday (which is one of my best ppv bring it back wwe) but maybe for one night only maybe christmas you could let the viewer deside the matches like we wanna see paige vs charlotte vs bayley vs the boss for the wwe womens championship and a chance to go out with seth rollins (what it could happen)

    5. Maybe Raw outdoors

    So maybe make raw go on a roadtrip in the summer and do shows outdoors like you already do that in ppv like wrestlemaina so why not raw.

    So thank you for reading and i have been michael from wweforum.net and i will see you soon
  2. 2 hours, before too much damage is done
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  3. Now keep the 3 hours of raw but maybe finish raw at the same time as raw
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  4. Raw ratings are down due to the start of the football season and a couple of other factors but ratings will pick up soon
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    I don't think those ideas would really work.

    1. You don't want to mess with Raw's start time. Having it start an hour earlier for the three hour show was severe enough of a change. If it starts any earlier, it will move out of the prime time slot. It will likely lose ratings then because it would be put in rush hour traffic time. Any earlier than 8 eastern time would risk alienating part of the audience. It would be silly to inconvenience the American audience to make the show come on earlier in one other country. It is an American show.

    2. Raw is a basic cable designed show. The majority of people in the United States have USA. In fact, USA reaches 82% of households in the United States with at least one TV. So it's available to nearly as many people as NBC is. But even if it was moved to NBC, there is no way that it would get the sort of ratings that NBC would want. The highest rated wrestling show ever was on NBC, the Main Event in 1988 did a 15.1 rating, but no other professional wrestling show on network television has come anywhere close since.

    3. I have no idea whether a guest host thing would help, I just know I wouldn't want to see it.

    4. Cyber Sunday and Taboo Tuesday didn't really let the viewers make the matches. They set up every one of the polls so it would be lopsided and I believe only one poll in their history went a different way than they planned. Due to the high amount of choreography used in today's wrestling, it wouldn't work to let fans makes matches on the go. Besides, the Cyber Sunday PPV was blatantly unpopular... the last one did 153,000 buys, indicating that fans didn't really care so much for the interactive setup.

    5. I have no problem with the outdoor shows but highly doubt it would help ratings. Outdoor shows tend to have worse crowd reaction due to lack of acoustics from not being in an arena. It would make the crowd seem deader, even if it is not. That would not be good for ratings.

    I think Vapor's idea about bringing it down to two hours is probably the best way to go. I don't know anyone who loves wrestling more than me and the three hour run time is just difficult to get through every week. It's been four years now and it is the most common complaint I hear about Raw. Putting it down to 2 hours will make it seem like less of a chore to watch. Not only that, new viewers might be hesitant to begin watching a show that takes up three hours of their Monday night every Monday. It's a bit intimidating.
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  6. Idk, I may be the only 1 who actually likes that Raw is 3 hours long. I just sit back roll a few up and enjoy but I agree with everything else @Jacob Fox
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  7. I have said and will continue to say, make Raw 2 hours again. 3 hours should be reserved for Raw specials and PPVs.
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  8. It wouldn't bother me if they used the time more wisely, I guess. Maybe have more cruiserweight matches, make the announcers actually focus on the matches... Michael Cole's commentary doesn't help either because it just drags. I dunno.. I'll watch it no matter what.
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  9. I'd take it one farther than the 3 hours... With the brand split though and more people watching Smackdown (whether it's via online or actually live), and 2 PPV's a month, you're asking for 8 hours over a 3 day stretch. I'm pretty sure after Backlash you gave that show + the 2 following weekly shows positive ratings - many of us did - and even then it felt like a daunting task to get through it all.

    But... I'll be honest. While I doubt just going to 2 hours will change that much in the ratings (it won't bring back the 1.5 million viewers they lost since adding the 3rd hour), I really don't know what the magic bullet is to save Raw. Triple H said in an interview that he doesn't know either. Easiest thing I can say is "Announce stuff in advance", but they announced Ambrose vs Rollins for the WWE Championship (before Money in the Bank) and that tanked like a stone, so... :quimby:
  10. There's also this... 3 hour Raw makes the PPV's feel so much less special.

    Screw your ratings! It's affecting my enjoyment, dammit! :why:
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  11. Yeah and remember when they did 3 hour specials? They actually meant something. Now when we have a Raw special it don't even feel like one.
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  12. An improved focus on long term booking and story telling?

    Less Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon?

    A few appearances/Matches by Neville?

    A Roman Reigns/Sami Zayn feud?

    I don't know...
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  13. Going back to two hours wouldn't be a magic bullet, but it would be a step in the right direction.

    1. Go back to two hours.

    2. Defend titles more often on the show and have the occasional title change

    3. Either replace Cole or make him call the matches. Corey Graves was a definite upgrade on JBL on color, don't be afraid to do it on play by play.

    4. Create an air of unpredictability. The AE wasn't only popular because it wasn't PG, it was very often unpredictable.

    None of those things would magically make Raw do better in the ratings, but they would be steps that would allow the company to move the show in the right direction. Once they do that, they can build upon that and really improve the show and build back its audience.
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  14. That's very true, but... much of my rantings about it are because without them feeling like they have to fill the 3 hours, maybe we'll get fewer pointless arguing segments between Stephanie and Foley. Maybe when the Strowman/Nia squashes happen, they'll feel like a cooldown segment instead of another leg of a marathon. Maybe the commentary won't be bored by the show halfway through as Cole gets past his bedtime. Maybe fewer performers will wind up going through the motions (right New Day?) Maybe some of this is wishful thinking - see McMahon, Vince - but it can't hurt.

    To your latest post, I'll throw one more AE comparison with you... The characters and what they did were infinitely more over back then. There's a lot of people we like on Raw, but they're the guys who we know are good at their jobs and we respect them for that. That's about all, right?

    You mean when they had the SEASON PREMIERE of Monday Night Raw? Are you saying that wasn't a big deal? For shame, Miss Snake. :haha:
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  15. This is what Raw is missing
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. #1 reason has already been said, bring it back to two hours. But also try to create a healthier booking philosophy. Add some of the sporty elements that they have now, along with a strong sense on storylines. That way, people care about matches because they are either entertaining or have a purpose.

    Also another note on commentary, it has improved since the brand split. But honestly, focus on a two man system again. The third person in the booth doesn't really add much unless it is a guest.

    Something that doesn't help Raw's ratings either is NFL being back, and just our natural shift away from TV to the internet (I don't even have cable by choice...).

    But hey, I'm no TV executive, what do I know?
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  18. Nobody... NOBODY was better at putting over the emotion of a match than JR... and if I'm not mistaken, he wasn't the same guy in his last run since... well, we need the emotion and ATTITUDE back from that era. :angry:
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