What sandals do you like?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jul 14, 2016.

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  1. Yes, I have weird taste in sandals. lol I like platforms :okay:
    They are very cosplay style designs for sandals but I like them.

    I am deciding between 3 pairs of sandals (for now lol). I am bored and want opinions...

    Which do you like? Vote too peas :please:

    1 (open)

    2 (open)

    3 (open)
  2. Voted for 3.
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  4. My first choice would be none of them, because... :eww:

    Second choice would be option 1 because at least they're not all white.
  5. I voted 3, I don't usually wear white shoes/sandals but I like those.
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  6. I don't like white normally but they have to be with a white dress sooo... :okay:
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  7. Same here... All the sandals I like are in black and black shoes are just the best in general... :why:
    They have to go with a white dress though, that explains them being white. I have found several other styles I really liked but they only came in black. I am not getting anything fancy either because I will be walking around in grass and I don't wanna wear heels and fall on my face in a dress LOL
  8. Went with 2, hope you'll still fall on your face. HAH!

    If I can't pick Soli's footwear I'll be upset
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  9. Go for it.
  10. You can pick my cat's outfit too.
  11. :yay: Need deets on your outfit first, gotta give you the best.
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  12. Shadow you are such a wedding slut.
  13. Combat boots >
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  14. Never wear sandals. I can't kick in a door with flip flops on.
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