What Secret Is Kurt Angle Going To Reveal?


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Probably the most interesting part of the last Raw. What is that secret? I hear rumors about Stephanie McMahon being involved since they had that weird thing back in his feud with Triple H. This would end in a Summerslam match between the two. Honestly I wouldn't mind that match, but the storyline would seem egh. I also don't know about Kurt Angle's health problems. Not sure if he would be allowed to wrestle again. I also saw someone saying it could be Dixie Carter. That to me is interesting, but WWE have ignored TNA for so long, and I doubt much of the WWE audience would even know Dixie Carter. And what role would she serve? Seems like the silly idea going around. What do you guys think it is?​


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Just realized there was a specific thread for this so just copying what I posted on the "rate raw" thread here:

About a week or so ago I mentioned the angle that was originally shut down by HHH, which was basically a love triangle storyline involving Kurt and Stephanie. While I wouldn't put it past WWE to revisit this angle (they've done it anyway on so many occasions), some of the new clues we got this week don't seem to point to that direction. More specifically, I think there are two lines that we should put focus on:

A) "I hope they will support me": This alone doesn't really say much and could mean anything, even including a love affair in which Kurt hopes he could be forgiven for his sin. BUT....if you add:

B) "Why don't you come here next week and we'll both do that together. Neither of us have anything to be ashamed of. I'm proud of you, and I hope you think the same about me. Why don't you come here and tell the world with me next week and whatever happens, happens. I love you."

See, this doesn't sound like a love affair of any sorts or at least does not sound line an ongoing affair anyway. If this were an affair, why would you bring the mistress on live TV and do the announcement together? That makes little to zero sense, right? And while having nothing to be ashamed of is again something very general, the "I'm proud of you" part I feel is the biggest tell of them all.

Basically, what I am thinking here and predicting is...illegitamate child. If you think about it, it makes the most sense and it ties up perfectly with all of Kurt's quotes throughout the shows and more so that final one last night. I don't recall anyone talking about being proud about the person they are having an affair with but I sure as hell know I've heard it countless times when someone would be proud of their child, no matter the circumstances....
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Just realized there was a specific thread for this so just copying what I posted on the "rate raw" thread here:

Since Corey Graves was an NXT guy and has so many backstage connection the only logical conclusion I can come to is that Graves is the mole for HHH. Graves would warm up to Kurt and provide HHH with any dirty details he could get. HHH likely holds a grudge against Kurt for nearly ruining his engagement with Stephanie.

If Angle does, indeed have an illegitimate child it would be Bayley. The explanation would be that upon finding out Angle was her father, she began to subtly lose her focus opening herself up to public humiliation by Alexa Bliss. I imagine Alexa befriended Bayley consoling her only to use that bond against her in their feud.

Graves knows the truth as well which is why Bayley was so gracious toward him during their sit down interview a few weeks back.

The person Angle was on the phone with was Bayley's mother who will show up on RAW to reveal their relationship.

Considering HHH's fondness for his NXT talent, he would be offended at Bagley's regression and pin the blame solely on Kurt. Upon asking for Angle's resignation, Bayley would be furious at HHH's lack of compassion. Her disrespect toward HHH would kindle Stephanie's rage and cause her to bully Bayley (Stephanie routinely picked on Bayley when she was running RAW when she was active).

This would lead to Kurt finding ways to finally goad HHH into a match for his daughter's honor (despite not even being employed by the company anymore).

The real heel in all this would be Corey Graves who wanted the GM position all along and was willing to earn Kurt's trust all the while texting HHH clues the entire time. For his efforts, Graves was slowly given administrative power as evident by his role in nailing Cass as Enzo's perpetrator.


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Kurt has a kayfabe illegitimate kid who's gonna be a wrestler. It's basic wrestling shit. Can see this stuff coming a mile away.


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So that'll be chad gable's WWE career down the pan then, unless he comes over to Raw going after Jordan for turning his back on him.

Writes itself, Gable helped Jordan get over, they had great matches and ultimately if it wasn't for them tagging together, Jordan wasn't going anywhere.

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