What separates Reigns from the other big guys?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 31, 2013.

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  1. Reigns currently gets absolutely loads of love from the IWC for having that "it factor". However, guys like Orton, Cena, Batista, and other guys with that same factor - stfu, you know they have it - get nothing but hate. Reigns has pretty abysmal mic skills (let's be honest), and none of us have seen him long enough in a ring as a solo competitor to judge his ring skills, but he's certainly no Seth Rollins or even John Cena (yet, of course). I understand he looks like a tank and has the potential to be huge, but what separates him from the same guys the IWC so passionately despises?

    Thought it'd be interesting reading through the responses. I am a Reigns fan by the way, but I'm also a Cena & Orton fan.
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  2. I like his look really, he has a much different look from them. He honestly has the same intensity that Batista had around 2006 I believe, after coming off of Evolution and becoming the World Heavyweight champion, that's just my opinion though. I don't think he's the best on the mic, but he's good enough to last with the impact of his moves. And what separate him from the others? I assume his gimmick lol, even though I don't really care what the rest of the IWT like, since I do enjoy John Cena and Batista(especially heel). He's the muscle of the group, much like Batista was with Evolution. He doesn't talk much, but when he gets in the ring he always wows me. Not really much else for me to say, I also enjoy his screaming during their promos lol.
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    Batista was pretty terrible in 2005, Goldberg was throughout his entire career. He's just got a draw to him even when he's stood in the background he just gathers attention. Plus he's not saturated like the other guys.
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  4. I just want his babies cuz I'm a fan girl
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  5. Who wouldn't?
  6. Did someone say that Randy Orton has the "it factor"?

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  7. +1. The greatest appeal of Roman Reigns is that we aren't sick of seeing him yet.
  8. Orton, Cena, and Batista get shit from nerd douche bags who don't know shit. The same segment of fans loves these wrestlers before they're main event. The second they get some success, you get all these smelly virgins hating them.
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  9. Whilst I agree with some of the IWC being very fickle a lot of the reason guys get turned on when they reach the main event is due to them altering what what made them popular (Punk and Bryan lost some quality in their promos / matches as an example)
  10. you are extra bitchy lately big guy
  11. Haha how so? Not bitchy, angry, perturbed, upset, mad, or whatever. Just calls em likes I sees em

  12. If you say so
  13. so you can't shit on Cena/Orton/Batsita without meaning you are a smelly shit bag virgin? fuck outa here
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  14. Yeah but that doesn't really make him different from the other guys. People are literally calling for him to get a mega push and that he's the star of The Shield. Not just because it's obvious he'll be the star due to his look & stuff, but because of other reasons. I'm asking what makes him different talent wise than the guys the IWC despises? So far, I don't see anything. Sure he has the look and presence, but is that it? Is it just me that would prefer to see Ambrose & Rollins get the majority of segment time and push due to their entertainment value? Reigns looks cool and has a sick ass finisher, but other than that, he's going to bore the lot of you once he gets over exposed. You could say any superstar would, and you'd be right, but I don't see how Reigns is different to the same stars you hate.
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  15. Haha you can shit on them all you want. You get a pass muthafucka. But there's a huge section of those types in general on internet wrestling forums. This comes from generally being shell shocked by years of witnessing these types in their natural environment. Take the poster Brad for example. He fits that criteria. Absolute hive mind BS.
  16. well I guess it's cool as long as I have a pass
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  17. A part of it is that the dude is naturally athletic methinks. He's Samoan and they in general are surprisingly agile despite being big blokes, just look at Umaga, Yokozuna and the Rock as prime examples. Despite being big guys they can move, and Reigns is the same.
  18. Would love to see Reigns do a huricurana like Cena can
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  19. Cena's huricarana is an abortion
  20. Sarcasm?
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