What shocking moment will close the last Raw of 2012

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  1. Ok peeps heres an interesting discussion for you all and this is a serious thread so please no Barbie slating in here.

    Anyway what shocking moment will close the last episode of Raw for 2012??? theres got to be something planned for this episode to make everyone talk about it so let the discussion begin.....
  2. Nothing lmao.
    Nothing major happened on 26th December RAW last year, it eneded with a Kane promo on Cena.

    It's normally the 1st raw of the year that they have something, not exactly major, but like a WWE title defense or something.
  3. Probably nothing.
  4. Farooq becoming the WWE champion and holding the title longer then CM Punk :yay: then him and JBL bury Maddox :jbl: :damn:
  5. Kelly Kelly having a live sex celebration!

    Wwe gang bang raw special!

    Good times good times!

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  6. Nothing usually happens on the last RAW.
    The last time it did was that CM Punk was revealed as the leader of the New Nexus.
  7. Nothing big will happen.
  8. It's usually the first RAW of the year.

    - Bret Hart returns
    - CM Punk New Nexua
    - Y2J Returns
  9. :yes:
  10. Make it AJ instead, and watch the ratings go up like never before...
  11. :cornette:
  12. Billy Gunn vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship, loser leaves RAW, with Gunn winning.

  13. :stfu: with love ..
  14. Batista returning to the WWE to confront Cm Punk and take his title from him while Evolution taking care of Shield in the back.
  16. Re: RE: What shocking moment will close the last Raw of 2012

    At first I ewwwed but then I read evolution and couldn't help but think it would be incredible.
  17. I defintely think CM Punk will do something shocking on the last Raw of 2012 hes done it before when he created the new Nexus on one of the last Raw of the year
  18. Brock Lesnar will return, maybe
  19. I think it will end with a rock bottom to CM Punk
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