What should be done with AJ Styles?

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  1. At the moment he just seems to be in no man's land, and now he has no title shot for a year; so what would you do with him?

    Personally, I would love him back in the X-Division for a bit, or perhaps eventually feud with Joe though they're both faces (sort of).
  2. I was going to post the exact same thing. When I watched TNA the most Styles was competing in the X-Division and it was the best I've ever seen him.
  3. Put him in the Suicide suit for a while perhaps? (wildcard idea) Suidicide was over as fuck and they can do this whole thing with AJ dissappearing/leaving after his loss.
  4. A theory of him taking a break and turning heel is floating around.
  5. Yeah I've been thinking he is going to turn heel for a while now. With all the shit he has been through this year in kayfabe I always saw him as cracking under the pressure sometime.
  6. I'm sure this is what's going on. Also after he didn't win that triple threat match with Angle and Daniels and didn't get a shot at the title some weeks ago.
  7. I was thinking maybe 1 more run as the TV Champion to boost the title like RVD is doing with the X-Division title & to keep him busy for a little while then he should get the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist in 2013 since he is the face of TNA he should have the TNA Title.
  8. Yes. But is he banned from all title shots or just the world title..
  9. Just the World title.
  10. Get him back to X Division and feud him with Zema Ion, BobVD, Kenny King, Kid Kash... Eventually even Jesse Sorensen. Imagine Slammiversary 2013 - Styles vs. Sorensen - in front of huge crowd for the X Division Title.
  11. AJ has always bored me, I'd rather not see him in the main event again.
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  12. Marries a Knockout....Wins Knockout Tag Ti....oh wait.
  13. They obviously have a plan for him, and I'm positive we'll be seeing what is that plan all about after he's done with Daniels at Final Resolution.
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