What should be Rollins' new finisher?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Sep 7, 2016.

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  1. Superplex/Falcon Arrow Combo

  2. Avada Kedavra

  3. Phoenix Splash

  4. God's Last Gift/Small Package Driver

  5. Skywalker

  6. Diving High Knee

  7. Frog Splash

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  8. Other

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    Assuming he'll drop the Pedigree soon...

    I'm not going to include Curb Stomp, 'cause we all wish Curb Stomp would make its comeback, and perhaps get renamed, but it's not happening any time soon.

    My personal favorite:
    Superplex/Falcon Arrow combo

    Avada Kedavra:

    Phoenix Splash:

    God's Last Gift/Small Package Driver:


    Diving High Knee:

    Frog Splash:

    Some of these are his signature moves, but whatever, choose your favorite and vote in the poll.
  2. Michinuko Driver, so Michael Cole can correct his commentary
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  3. But he'd call it Blue Thunder Bomb then. :brock4:
  4. Michaels brain will explode at that.
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  5. Yea I'm feeling that Skywalker and right behind that would be the phoenix splash Both Are Aweeesome!
  6. Superplex: No
    Phenoix Splash: I think if it would be his finisher, the magic of it will be removed. Maybe as a rare one.
    Avada Kedavra: maybe
    God's Last Gift: Maybe, only issue is that it aggravated Finn's shoulder more during their match.
    Skywalker: Too close to the Solida Del Sol
    Diving Knee: I think it did end a match or two so that is in consideration.
    Frog Splash: I like the move, but others use a splash so nah.

    After going down these options, I say God's Last Gift is the best overall.
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  7. There's also a facebuster thing he did for a couple of weeks after he lost the curb stomp. Maybe more likely since they've had him beat people with it already?

  8. I think he only beat two people with it (Ambrose and Ziggler) and stopped using it since. Fine by me. I don't like the move at all.
  9. Thumb in the bum
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  10. Something new?
  11. Powerbomb into the barrier.

  12. Lmao very funny
  13. Bring back the stomp!
  14. Skull fuck driver
  15. Will never ever happen
  16. Well, sure. Something new and something he hasn't used before would be cool, but what would that possibly be?
  17. I really don't see what's so bad about it, I mean okay I guess he could accidentally kick the shit out of someone but has that happen yet?
  18. It's a precautionary matter. WWE, like the NFL and most other sports. Are taking trauma to the head much more seriously. So rather than wait until someone gets legitimately hurt and they sit with the potential of someone dying from brain hemorrhage as a worst case scenario. They block moves like that. Same with the punt kick that Orton used to use.

    All it takes is a very small slip to turn simulating someone taking a foot to the back of the head and being driven skull first into wooden planks, into someone actually getting their head driven into wooden planks by another mans boot.
  19. True but damn Those are two of the best moves (Punt, Curb Stomp) Well add that to the list with The muscle Buster, Chair shots, pile drivers, and the canadian destroyer!

    Man that's magic right there
  20. The muscle buster isn't banned tho
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